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Future Times, Vol 6 #7, July 2003


The Future Times was the monthly publication by the Atlanta Science Fiction Society (ASFS), a non-profit gathering fans of Science Fiction and…

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Georgia Transfans Special


Georgia Transfans Special, Issue One, is a fanzine by Robert Springer that provides a mixture that ranges from fanfiction reading material, to reviews…

Contributors: Natasha Parekh, John Hanes, Max Froedge

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Major Marvel Villains Part Two: H-M


An illustrated guide to the Marvel super villains whose names fall between H and M. All descriptions by Larry Montgomery, Cover art by Carolyn…

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Moon Phases 8


Moon Phases is a science fiction magazine that was published annually from 1981-1993. Moon Phases ran for sixteen issues and included many short…

Contributors: Brian Hardie, Joe Fahey

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Myriad No. 119. 1986


Myriad was started by Steven Carlberg in 1968. The fanzine drew from contributors to another fanzine called Quantum and the wait-list for the amateur…

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Myriad, Issue 5, March 25, 1969


Myriad began in 1968 by Stven Carlberg. A member of another amateur press alliance called CAPA-Alpha, Carlberg relied on many fellow CAPA-Alpha…

Contributors: Libby Galli, Hannah Keatley, Krista Rhineheimer

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Myriad, No. 8. 1969


Myriad is a science fiction fanzine that originally began in 1968 as the fanzine Quantum and is housed in the Georgia Institute of Technology Bud…

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Norman Bates


The Norman Bates fanzine was written by Nancy A. Collins, a horror fiction writer. This fanzine was written and created between February and April of…

Contributors: Jimmy, Carter, Kelsey, Jenna

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Owlflight No. 5


Special sports and game issue.

Contributors: Alexis Coates, Alex Dunford, Joe Fahey, Brian Hardie

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