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Trivial Pursuits #148


Trivial Pursuits #148 is a science fiction fanzine written in March 2010 by Janice Gelb, with the fanzine's audience intended for the Southern Fandom…

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The Silver Web, Issue 15


The Silver Web was founded in 1989 as The Sterling Web by Ann Kennedy and Amy K. Mann. When Mann left two-and-a-half years later, the zine's title was…

Contributors: Griffin Yoak, Royce Kim, Ben Brosofsky

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The Best of the Mage - Number 8, Fall 1987

The Best of the Mage RPG.pdf

An Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Contributors: Jackson, Kyle, Rizky, Lee

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Tales of Apagard


Tales of Apagard, created by Vern Clark and Charlie Williams in 1983, is a parody of Marvel Comics' Tales of Asgard Vol. 1 Issue #1. The fanzine…

Contributors: Christian Zajac, Kelvin Slaughter, Darian Darvishian

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Starwind Science Fiction and Fantasy, Vol 2 No. 1


Starwind: Science Fiction and Fantasy was a fanzine that published primarily science fiction and fantasy short stories. Founded by Warren Dileo in…

Contributors: Amy Fang, Sam James, Marco Kelner

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980


This exhibit was compiled by students of Georgia Tech's Fall 2014 Media, Materiality and Archives class. The fanzine is from the Bud Foote collection…

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The first two stories (52 pages) of the Progressions fanzine about Star Trek fanfictions.

Contributors: Ambrose Cheung, Jacob Hallock, Quincy Robbins

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Owlflight No. 5


Special sports and game issue.

Contributors: Alexis Coates, Alex Dunford, Joe Fahey, Brian Hardie

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