The Best of the Mage - Number 8, Fall 1987

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The Best of the Mage - Number 8, Fall 1987


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An Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction
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Jackson, Kyle, Rizky, Lee


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Fall 1987


Jackson, Kyle, Rizky, Lee


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Items in the The Best of the Mage - Number 8, Fall 1987 Collection

The Best of the Mage (Page 64)

the world throws sand in their faces. Truly, the humans on Rasshah Foren are not saints, for sometimes they fight each other for what is lacking-It was here that I learned for the first time the value of life when I saw it taken. But more often they…

The Best of the Mage (Page 62 and 63)

Wade Tarzia made his Mage debut in our Winter 1987 issue (The Mage #6) with "Message Intercepted On Hyperspatial Frequency" and since then has joined our staff as a columnist. He is currently working toward his Ph.D. in English literature.

The Best of the Mage (Page 60 and 61)

prolific is John Christopher. Although his best known worlc is the White Mountains trilogy, he has written many other stories including The Lotus Caves, The Guardians and the trilogy of The Prince in Waiting. All these books involve young heroes…

The Best of the Mage (Page 58 and 59)

his laces, "But last night I lost my hat and I have to go look for it now." He jumped up and looked for his hound's tooth jacket, talking more or less to himself, "No telling who found it. Maybe no one found it, yeah, maybe it's in the gutter! Yeah!"…

The Best of the Mage (Page 56 and 57)

ative. "Say, what are you doing out here with me? I'm an old man. You're young, new. You have a weird name. And I probably couldn't get it up if I tried." The Mage knew that if she didn't protest, he would go home soon. Zondra, · who had been close,…

The Best of the Mage (Page 54 and 55)

of New York. But even in this particular place and age it was fairly difficult to gain the attention of a policeman, or worse a maitre'd, when you looked like a beggar. He could simply put them under a spell, as he'd done at the Windows Of The World…

The Best of the Mage (Page 52 and 53)

standards of appearance have slacked off, my prince." "Ah, well, my good Malcolm is an exception. In fact, I believe his injuries have increased his loyalty to me. Surely he will have no qualms about killing you this time. "Who shall we shoot first,…

The Best of the Mage (Page 50 and 51)

have arrested me, but there was a huge crowd, and they did not wish to cause a scene."
"Well," I asked, after a minute or two of unbearable silence and an abrupt shift of mood. "What do we do now?" "Oh, I don't know. Warn the king. Catch the bad…

The Best of the Mage (Page 48 and 49)

waited silently, caressing his mug. I took a stiff belt of chocolate and began. "The Kirinjis killed him of course. Ever since we defeated them in the War they've wanted revenge, and for years their troops have raided farms and villages in our…

The Best of the Mage (Page 46 and 47)

Harry Dolan's "The DwarfWho Knew Too Much" is a light-hearted piece of heroic fantasy that has been kindly received by readers throughout the United States and as far off as the Soviet Union. Closer to home, the story garnered the author Colgate…