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Baryon 66 is a fanzine written by a group of individuals in Georgia, started by Barry Hunter around the late 1990s. The fanzine reviews recent and upcoming science fiction, fantasy, horror and other genre related books. In this issue, Baryon included movies out in local theaters. Each author writes his/her review of the media. Some media is picked up from events hosted at the time,specifically in this article, one author describes different magazines picked up at DragonCon '97.

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Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 1
Woman in black mask and black dress turning to her left with her right hand on her left shoulder.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 2-3
These pages include an introduction and updates from the author, as well as reviews on Deep As the Morrow, Edgeworks 3: The Harlan Ellison Hornbook, and Batman and Robin.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 4-5
Includes reviews on Green Candles, A History of Violence, Acorna: The Unicorn Girl, Out-Cry, and Tarzan: The Epic Adventures. Also features information on JurassiCon.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 6-7
Includes reviews on a several items bought at DragonCon '97. These items are Black Sun, Three Heralds of the Storm, The Efilu Legacy #0, Bloodwalk, and The Hound Hunters. Also covers several movies that were currently playing at the local theater.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 8-9
Features reviews on several anthologies. These anthologies are Return of the Dinosaurs, Highwaymen: Robbers and Rogues, Elf Fantastic, Years Best SF 2, The Stories of Ray Bradbury, and Quicker Than The Eye.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 10-11
Includes reviews on Writ in Blood, Spares, Wolf Moon, Eternity Road, The Blackgod, and The Green Mile.

Baryon, No. 66 September 1997, page 12
Continues the review on the Green Mile, and includes a review on Revelations.
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