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A Companion in Zeor, No. 2

The A Companion to Zeor 2 Science Fiction Fanzine Exhibition is one out of a collection of other fanzine exhibitions hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection. This online exhibit was compiled by the Fall 2012 Archives, Media & Materiality student body in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management department.

A Companion to Zeor 2 was created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in 1978.

Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3


This archive attempts to capture the essence of the first three issues of Ambrov Zeor, a fanzine dedicated to furthering the Sime-Gen universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg in her House of Zeor science fiction series. We will explore the content of the fanzine as well as the themes of the Sime-Gen universe and their broader implications for society during the Cold War era.



APES? I come halfway around the world to marry royalty, and now you tell me that you are king of apes?

APES? I COME HALFWAY AROUND THE WORLD TO MARRY ROYALTY, AND NOW YOU TELL ME YOU'RE KING OF THE APES? is an apazine written by Gary Brown for his friend 1960s zine creator and artist Alan Hutchinson. Brown and Hutchinson were members of CAPA-alpha, the first amateur press association devoted to publishing comic book fanzines. This zine consists of mailing comments, which are comments on past zines; these include funny comments on Hutchinson's work as well as little stories about music, movies, sports etc.


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Baryon 66

Baryon 66 is a fanzine written by a group of individuals in Georgia, started by Barry Hunter around the late 1990s. The fanzine reviews recent and upcoming science fiction, fantasy, horror and other genre related books. In this issue, Baryon included movies out in local theaters. Each author writes his/her review of the media. Some media is picked up from events hosted at the time,specifically in this article, one author describes different magazines picked up at DragonCon '97.


Baryon, Issue 85, Volume 27


The Baryon Fanzines contain recent reviews about science fiction, horror, fantasy, and other similar genre movies and books. Baryon 85 is Volume 27, Number 1 and was published in Winter 2002. Baryon Fanzines are sold for $1 or accessible on 


Follow the thoughts and adventure of a rabbit, a figment of the imagination of a drug addicted brain, that discovers the child of the once family he helped destroy, infidelity, new levels of “high”, and his own dependency.

Brainstorm, published in 1980, is a fanzine housed in the Georgia Institute of Technology Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection, a part of the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management department.

Comic Fandom Monthly, No. 2

Comic Fandom Monthly, published from 1971 to 1972, is a fanzine housed in the Georgia Institute of Technology Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection, a part of the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management department. It's creator, editor, and publisher is Joe Brancatelli. This exhibit was compiled by students in the Georgia Tech Fall 2012 Archives, Media & Materiality class. The TEI was created by students from the University of Victoria.

Critical Mass: Volume 1, No. 2

Critical Mass was an Atlanta-based fanzine in the late 1980's. There were only ever three issues released. This particular issue is from January/February 1989, and is comprised of selected works produced by a group called The Science Fiction Writers of Cobb County (SFWCC), a collective that held its first meeting on May 17, 1984. As the name suggests, many of its members reside within Cobb county, though inclusion is not necessarily restricted to this criteria as others hail from different parts of the metro-Atlanta area.


Dreams and Nightmares #83


Dreams and Nightmares issue #83, printed May 2009. Contains a collection of amatuer science fiction and fantasy poetry published and edited by David C. Kopaska-Merkel. Issue #83 is 20 pages long and includes 20 poems. For more information visit the magazine's blog at


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Dreams and Nightmares 98


Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 98

This exhibit displays the 98th edition of Dreams & Nightmares, published in May 2014. Each page from the original print publication has been digitized as part of this exhibit.

This issue of Dreams & Nightmares was scanned from the Georgia Tech Archives and was processed as part of the Fall 2016 Technologies of Representation class (LMC 3314).

About the Magazine

Dreams & Nightmares is a speculative poetry magazine that features works in science fiction and fantasy. The magazine typically consists of twenty pages of poetry that are selected from hundreds of poetry submissions. The illustrations that are displayed on the cover and printed throughout the magazine's pages are also produced by contributors.

Since 1986, this magazine has published 104 issues and has a membership base of 225 people who receive copies of the magazine every 4 months. Dreams & Nightmares is maintained by David C. Kopaska-Merkel, a geology Ph.D in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. While the inside cover says that the magazine is printed on "cured Misty Mtn orc hide", the magazine is available in both print and PDF format.

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D&N Blog:



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