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REH Lone Star Fictioneer

This exhibit was compiled by students of Georgia Tech's Fall 2014 Media, Materiality and Archives class. The fanzine is from the Bud Foote collection housed with the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management Department. It was scanned and uploaded with their assistance.

This is the 4th issue of volume 1 of the fanzine REH: Lone Star Fictioneer, edited by Byron L. Roark, and published by Nemedian Chronicles in Spring of 1976. “My Sword is Quick” is attributed to M. M. Moamrath, with Wallace and Pumilia as “editors." The title page attributes Arnold M. Fenner as editor. Artwork was commissioned for this issue, with the exception Nesto Redondo, whose work is a courtesy of the Philippine Comic Art Archives. Marcus Boas takes credit for the cover art. 

Rights: Copyright @1976 by the Nemedian Chronicles. All rights reserved P. 0. Box 186, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66201

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