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Norman Bates no. 3

Welcome to the archive of Norman Bates no. 3! The Norman Bates fanzine was written by Nancy A. Collins, a horror fiction writer. Norman Bates no. 3 was written in between Februrary and April 1983, which would have made Collins 24 when she created it, as she was born in 1959. Collins has also written a series about vampires, several comics and a few unproduced screen plays. She wrote fanzines until she found a mentor that could help her write more impressive and lengthy bodies of work.

This fanzine is 12 pages and includes a description of what Collins has done since her last fanzine. After the story, there are mailing comments. Nancy Collins also includes an abundance of reviews for concerts she had seen, books that she read, movies she had seen, and comics she had read. The fanzine ends with a conclusion message from Collins. View the standard Norman Bates Fanzine Collection here, or read the pages in our exhibit below!