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Baryon, VOL 27, Page 1.

Introduction gives a brief update on author’s life and indicates that he has yet to see Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.


This page reviews:

The Fixer; by Jon F. Merz

- The start of a series feturing vampires and fantastical policemen.

Grave Peril; by Jim Butcher

-The third installment of the Dresden Files series, this book features Harry Dresden, the world's only known wizard, as he prepares for battle against an anonymous superior being that seems to defy all known supernatural laws. 

The Manhattan Hunt Club; by John Saul

- A group of people ventures into underground Manhattan to hunt a specifically released prisoner. This criminal is Jeff Converse, a college student wrongfully imprisioned. Will Jeff survive the hunt, and will he survive Jagger, a fellow prisioner?

Nine Minutes, 20 Seconds; Gary M. Pomerantz

-Recounts the events that lead up to the crash of ASA Flight 529, a small commuter plane that went down in Georgia. The book is particularly meaningful in light of September 11.