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Baryon, VOL. 27, Page 2.

This page reviews:


Black House; by Stephen King and Peter Straub

- A Sequel to The Talisman, this book features Jack Sawyer 20 years after he saved a world from destruction. After this heroism he became an LAPD homicide detective and  has since retired and is living a pleasant life on the upper Mississippi. Then a string of gruesome homicides draw him back out of retirement to figure out who the killer is.

These I Know by Heart; Brian A. Hopkins

- No summary

The Man Who Grew Young; by Daniel Quinn

- The story of a man who lives through history in reverse.

Offerings; by Paper Tiger

- Brings the gaming world into literature.

Black Seas of Infinity; by H.P. Lovecraft

- Collection of Lovecraft’s best works.

 Ill Met by Moonlight; by Sarah A. Hoyt

- An “Elizabethan Fantasy” featuring Will Shakespeare and his quest to rescue his wife and child from Fairyland where they have been trapped.

A Feast in Exile; by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

- Another St. Germain novel that does not disappoint, this book finds St. Germain a prisoner and escapee in 14th Century India.