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Baryon, VOL 27, Page 3.

This page reviews:

Laws of the Blood Companions; by Susan Sizemore

- The story of a half mortal, half vampire. Istvan starts off as a vampire hunter, but gets turned into a vampire against his will. After spending most of his time alone, he meets his soul mate in modern day Chicago.

 Second Contact; by JD Austin

-A story of the events after the meeting of two worlds located galaxies apart. A spoof on first contact stories.

The War in Korea; by Wayne Vansant

- A historical book and comic on the Korean War by the man that frequently does the cover art for Baryon.

 Dracula in London; edited by PN Elrod

- A book that creatively fills in the gaps in the story of arguably the most famous vampire literature has ever seen. Read to find out what Stoker left out of his work while Dracula was living in Victorian London.

Divine Intervention; by Ken Wharton

- The passengers of the Walt Disney Spacecraft land on a planet they name Mandala and proceed to establish a society complete with religion based on their captain’s writings. When Earth decides to send 33,000 new colonists, Mandala’s Prime Minister worries about his regime.

Take a Thief; by Mercedes Lackey

- A Cinderella story gone awry, this book follows Skif who begins as an orphan raised by his abusive uncle, and eventually joins up with a pickpocket and learns the ways of thievery to survive. When his mentor is murdered, he must work with the Heralds and Alberich to bring justice to the killer.

 Flesh and Blood; edited by Jack Fisher

- Latest issue of a horror and fantasy magazine. This particular issue consists of six stories and seven poems of “things that go bump in the night”.