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Baryon, VOL 27, Page 5.

This page reviews:

Horror Garage #4; edited by Paula Guran

- Magazine that both reviews Garage Bands and publishes Horror Stories.

 Magic Time; by Marc Scott Zicree and Barbara Hambly

- The DOD and CIA are funding research on an energy field called the “Source”, but sending false records of a mining project back to the President.  The President suspects something more sinister, and hires an agent to look into the project.

The Dragon Queen; by Alice Borchardt

- A fantastical twist on the King Arthur and Guinevere tale you already know.

Wit’ch Gate; by James Clemens

- The fourth installment of the “Banned and the Banished” series. Elenor the Wit’ch leads battle against the Dark Lord who has set up weirgates to absorb the magick that allows this realm to survive. 

The Last Hero; by Terry Pratchett

- Discworld is in danger when Cohen the Barbarian tries to return fire to the Gods. Includes 90 illustrations to provide a visual element to the tale.

 Frontier Earth: Searcher; by Bruce Boxleitner

- Boxleitner marries science fiction and the old west in this story of an alien that crashes in 19th century Arizona and comes to realize that he must help save Earth from an invaders.

Beasts Are Us; by ATK Butterfly

- Explores the question of genetic manipulation, but turns the tables to animals. In this story, animals are given human characteristics to for commercial purposes.