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Baryon, VOL 27, Page 6.

This page reviews:


The Lawbreakers; Whatif Publishing

- Eight stories by eight different authors who write about different fantastical Lawbreakers.

Grave Images; by ND Hansen-Hill

- A sci-fi/mystery novel about a host of unique characters that are doing everything from growing fungus to seeing the dead.

Reflections of a Recovering Servant; by Steve Lazarowtiz

- Straac is wrongly accused of raping Thea and sentenced to death. She helps him escape, and they go on the run with Taylor to search for the “Cursed Sword of Airiendal” to take revenge for the King’s death. An exciting read about adventure, power, and love.

Angel of Destruction; by Susan R. Matthews

- A space opera about a group of pirates that are seeking forgiveness from the Judiciary. They agree to go on probation and live on land in a space port for a time until their sentence is over; however, an element in the port is trying to frame the pirates for crimes they did not commit.

The Pillars of the World; Anne Bishop

- The Veil is disappearing and with it so is Tir Alainn. This is a book about two people who believe that love is the most powerful force of all.

Shockball; by SL Viehl Roc

- Cherijo and her husband are saddened when she miscarries because her clone body’s immune system kills their baby. They must go into hiding when they suspect that her creator can track them.