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Baryon, VOL 27, Page 7.

This page reviews:


Threshold; by Caitlin R. Kiernan

- The romantic couple Chance and Deke venture into the waterworks tunnel with their friend Elise, resulting in Elise’s death. When Dancy enters their lives and claims that monsters exist and she knows how to fight them, the friends are suspicious. That is until Dancy ventures into the waterworks tunnel and vanishes.

Books of Blood; by Clive Barker

- All six volumes of  “The Books of Blood” are combined into a single volume.

Bikini Planet; by David Garnett

- A satirical novel, “Bikini Planet” features a virginal LAPD officer from 1969 that gets cryogenically frozen by his girlfriend’s father and wakes up 300 years in the future on a kind of pleasure playground island.

Hopscotch; by Kevin J. Anderson

- In a world where you can swap bodies while yours recovers, you never know who is who.

Brownie Candidate; by Nicole Givens

- The world has been made unlivable and women can no longer conceive. In order to reproduce, girls are sold into “candidacy” where they are responsible for giving birth to the new babies. Aurora Browne is one of these girls and is attempting to escape this slavery. 

Goddess by Mistake; by PC Cast

- A high school English teacher wakes up a goddess in a whole new world. She must protect her new life from vampires trying to destroy it.


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