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Background Information

Comic Fandom Monthly, No. 2 (October 1971), page 1

Comic Fandom Monthly was created by Joe Brancatelli, who served as the fanzine's editor and publisher. Brancatelli, from Brooklyn, New York, attended New York University on a journalism scholarship, where he graduated in three years. He also obtained a computer science degree. Having been a comic book fan from an early age, Brancatelli started Comic Fandom Monthly in 1971, when he began college. He did not like that most comic fanzines failed to stick to publishing timelines, so he wanted to show that a fanzine could be published regularly. He believed that fanzines were journalism, even if fan-made, so he aimed to always publish on time, report news, and present the best opinions he could find. However, publishing a fanzine combined with school was time-consuming and a lot of work. Comic Fandom Monthly ended up only lasting a year, but it met its monthly schedule. After graduating New York University, Brancatelli went on to work as a journalist, reporter, editor, and consultant [1].


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