Comic Fandom Monthly, No. 2 (October 1971), Page 26-27


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Comic Fandom Monthly, No. 2 (October 1971), Page 26-27


An article about comics in Canada.


Joe Brancatelli


Comic Fandom Monthly, No. 2 (October 1971)




Cliff Letovsky


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Being in Quebec, I have access to many
French magazines. I would like to review a
few which I have. I'll take your imagination
thru the world of French comic art, a world
of fine graphics.
Charlie, the professional fanzine, and
Pilote, mind-expanding weekly art magazine,
will be studied in depth.
First, Charlie. I have two issues of it.
Charlie (English translation, by the way) is
the magazine of humor and comic art. No cen-
sorship. It starts with a strip called "Pau-
lette", written by Charlie's editor, Molin-
ski and drawn by G. Pichard. I think it was
a satire, but my french is limited, so...
Next is a nicely done illustration by Gu-
ido Crepax, followed by a story (silent)by
Reiser. It's a sketchy, hilarious comedy ap-
pearing in each issue. The best I've seen is
one where a man and a pelican make a deal.
The man climbs into the pelican's beak, and
they approach another pelican. The jungle
man jumps out of the pelican, clouts the ot-
her bird, and carries it away. The pelican
gets paid a fish, and the two continue the
act until the jungle man's acquired a tre-
mendous amount of fish. (They Tater share a
bottle of booze, and drunk attempt another
kill. The tables are turned, however. when
the jungle man is just about to bop this ot-
her pelican, out pops a second jungle man,
& delivers a telling blow to our heroic pair
of drunks. The final scene shows a pelican
walking off with a bloodied jungle man in
his mouth.
Following this feature are ten pages of
Peanuts (all in French). Then Mad Magazine's
"Raven", by Bill Elder (also reprint). Fan-
zine reviews are next. They reprint covers,
strips, and art work from reviewed zines.
Also includes prices and addresses. It in-
forms you of European conventions and Euro-
pean underground comics. Final point of note
is the mention of Jose Fayos' Zine-Zone (he
is apparently the distributor of Comic Crus-
ader, too.)
Charlie continues with eleven pages of
Li'l Abner reprints and then a one-page pie-
ce of art of a girl talking to a snail. Then
there is a facinating bit of graphic story,
entitled "couple". Each panel enlarges to a
point where a second emerges from the first
one. The story-line, is exceptional, even
though there isn't any dialogue. Its done
by Barbe. Reprints of Krazy Kat and Mutt and
Jeff follow. A weird letter column is next,
followed by a page of fanzine ads. There's
also a page from the sketchbook of an artist
named Buzzelis.
There are a few exceptional pieces which
have appeared in single issues. They include
Burne Hogarth's Miracle Jones reprints, re-
prints of CANADIAN WHITE (comics from the
1940's from Canada), and reprints of the Pa-
triote. Also in other issues have been Bar-
be's Ombres en ete, and Les Labyrithes by
Buzzelli. Both are fabulous strips.
However, most Europeans seem more inter-
ested in Pilote. It's the Marvel or DC of
Europe. The most fantastic thing in Pilote
is the fact that Phil Druillet likes to work
for them. This issue contains six pages of
his truly unbelievable stuff. He is a genius
of great magnitude. The latest issue sports
tremendous extravaganza done in late l970.
It's entitled "Terre". .The artwork is twen-
ty times better than anything Marvel or Nat-
ional has put out in years. The coloring is
unreal. Each detail is so fine, yet it does
not appear overloaded in the slightest. It
is sheer genius, and appears in the color
Another big section is a large humor area
containing strips. Also, Pilote devotes a
large page count to charicatures of French
President iPompidou. Some are extraordinary
full page jobs, which others utilize a very
strange technique. Asterix le Gaulois ap-
pears and takes up two pages. (ed. Note: An
American translation is available for $3 in
hardback form. Good stuff. -JB)
Pilote runs work of many excellent art-
ists. Loro is one, doing "Eye of God". Clave
is another, he being a ~cross of Adams and
Williamson. Vance is another, doing an Eng-
lish s-f strip, BOB MORANE. All on slick pa-
per to enhance the beauty.
Comments are welcomed:
Cliff Letovsky
l7 Holly Road
Hampstead 254, Quebec
Montreal, Canada

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