Georgia Transfans Special

Georgia Transfans Special, Issue One, is a fanzine by Robert Springer that provides a mixture that ranges from fanfiction reading material, to reviews about merchandise, as well as products for sale from other fans. In this issue a fan story, Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, is presented by the contributor Trixter telling a story of a Maximal type Transformer named Nightstalker, who is searching for survivors to add to her group’s number.

Robert Springer started the Georgia Transformers Fans group for fans of all ages and backgrounds to serve as a resource to fans in the Georgia area. So in the fanzine reviews on toys other works in transformers universe are given as well as listing of certain Transformer models for sale


Georgia Transfans Special, Issue One, was created in 2011 by robo_rob, better known as Mr. Robert Springer. This particular fanzine hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology Bud Foote Science Fiction Collection This exhibit was compiled by group 5 in the Spring 2016 Media, Materiality & Archives class in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management department.