Major Marvel Villains Part 2

This exhibit was compiled by students in the Georgia Tech Fall 2014 Media, Materiality, and Archives class in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management department.

Major Marvel Villians Part 2: H-M is part 2 of a 3 or 4 part series by Larry Montgomery and was published back in 1983 by the Southern Fandom Press Alliance.Larry Montgomery was a huge fan of Marvel comics, and what had begun as a personal hobby of collecting and noting had turned into an actual index of supervillains. In this fanzine, Montgomery portrays each of the supervillains depicted in every Marvel comic he could access that appeared at a minimum of 9 times in the forever long series. In addition to organizing them in alphabetical order for optimum search, he also provides his own commentary. With detailed descriptions on each supervillain as well as each of their appearances in certain comics gives the reader a chance to really understand the depth in which these zines were assembled. Overall, the amount of work in attempting to compile the information from all the comics just oozes from these descriptions.

Marvel Comics had originally began under the name Timely Publications in 1939, and later renamed itself to Marvel Comics. Throughout the 1960’s, Marvel had produced many of the modern comic book characters we see today. Among all the superheroes that have gained popularity over the years, it is due to the supervillains that they have gained any spotlight. Montgomery compiles this index in order to give these villains the spotlight they deserve.


Larry Montgomery