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"Progressions is a slash and gen 259-page anthology by Merle Decker. It contains art by Merle Decker, Suzan Lovett, Caren Parnes, Maureen B. and Gayle F."  Half the content is about a mature romantic Kirk/Spock relationship and the other half deals with their friendship. Being that the fanzine is so extensive it makes sense that the author has specifically noted that the project lacked fun, but was a rewarding experience nonetheless.

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REH Lone Star Fictioneer

This exhibit was compiled by students of Georgia Tech's Fall 2014 Media, Materiality and Archives class. The fanzine is from the Bud Foote collection housed with the Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management Department. It was scanned and uploaded with their assistance.

This is the 4th issue of volume 1 of the fanzine REH: Lone Star Fictioneer, edited by Byron L. Roark, and published by Nemedian Chronicles in Spring of 1976. “My Sword is Quick” is attributed to M. M. Moamrath, with Wallace and Pumilia as “editors." The title page attributes Arnold M. Fenner as editor. Artwork was commissioned for this issue, with the exception Nesto Redondo, whose work is a courtesy of the Philippine Comic Art Archives. Marcus Boas takes credit for the cover art. 

Rights: Copyright @1976 by the Nemedian Chronicles. All rights reserved P. 0. Box 186, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66201

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Spiritus Mundi #58

This exhibit was compiled by students of Georgia Tech's Fall 2014 Media, Materiality and Archives class. The fanzine is from the Bud Foote collection housed with the  Georgia Institute of Technology Archives & Records Management Department. It was scanned and uploaded with their assistance.

This is the 58th issue of the fanzine Spiritus Mundi, written by Guy H. Lillian III, and published in the bimonthly mailings of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance(SFPA). The first issue was published in January of 1971, in the 39th mailing of the SFPA.

Lillian would eventually go on to become president of the SFPA, and then official editor of The Southerner, the eventual title of the monthly zine mailings. He was official editor at the time of the 96th mailing, in July 1980, when Spiritus Mundi #58 was published.

This particular fanzine contains a variety of content. Personal accounts by Lillian of various encounters with members of the science fiction fandom make up a large portion, as well as his discussions of developments and events in his personal life and in the area in which he lives. It also contains a movie review, and some political discussions.

The biggest section, however, is devoted to review and response of fanzines contained within the SFPA mailing.

Starwind: Science Fiction and Fantasy


Starwind: Science Fiction and Fantasy was a fanzine that published primarily science fiction and fantasy short stories. The fanzine was founded by Warren Dileo and had its first issue published in the spring of 1976 by The Starwood Press. The fanzine was headquartered at Ohio University in Columbus where most of the writers, artists and staff (including Dileo) attended.  The magazine had been formally known as Rune (also created by Dileo), which was first published in 1969 and was active until the mid-‘70s. Shortly afterwards, Rune was retitled as Hobson’s Choice before finally being changed to Starwind. The second issue of Starwind was not edited by Dileo but by Elbert Linsdey Jr. Starwind was fairly short lived and ended after its second issue was published in the autumn of 1976. 


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Tales of Apagard

Tales of Apagard, created by Vern Clark and Charlie Williams in 1983, is a parody of Marvel Comics' Tales of Asgard Vol. 1 Issue #1. The fanzine recasts the comic with references to the Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA), a science fiction oriented Amateur Press Association (APA) magazine.

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The Best of the Mage

This exhibit is dedicated to Number 8 of the fanzine The Mage. This zine was "A Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" published by the Colgate University Student Association approximately from 1983 to 1990. It was a collection of fiction, poetry, and reviews of fantasy and sci-fi submitted or gathered from students, as well as beyond as it grew in poularity. This particular issue served as an anthology of past favorite submissions to the zine, as well as commemorated the stepping down of Jeffrey Yule as the editor after four years. 

The Flame of S.F.P.A #14

Apazine created by P.L. (Pamela Lynn) Caruthers-Montgomery (PLCM) as part of mailing #125 (intended for #124) from members of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance. The typed content was created on March 8, 1985.  The main cover was xeroxed on red paper to represent "The Flame" which also referenced Caruthers-Montgomery's red hair and outspoken personality. The primary content is xeroxed on white paper.  

PLCM was awared the Rebel Award later in 1985 with her husband, Larry Montgomery, for contibution they both made as long-term members. She also became president of the Southern Fandom Confederation for 5 years and was a president emeritius after her tenure. PLCM (Caruthers-Montgomery) later "discovered the world of BBSing" (bulletin board systems) and left Fandom. PCLM passed away in August 2003


 Below is a visual representation of an eternal flame burning in honor of PL Caruthers. Featured is artwork from this zine, where fans can add images to the instagram account from which these images are being pulled.

Addendum: @flameresurrected

Using social media, lovers of The Flame of SFPA can keep her legacy going. Using @flameresurrected as a frame of reference, Instagram users can add their own flare to any of the 15 posts on the profile page. Simply download a picture of your choosing, print it out, add color, drawings, etc. and upload a picture of your new creation with the appropriate hashtag(s). Favorite uploads will be re-posted from the @flameresurrected Instagram account

Download Addendum in entirety here | directions


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The Leading Edge #7

The Leading Edge: Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy


The Leading Edge is a semi-professional magazine run by Brigham Young University. The publication is mainly run by volunteer BYU students, serving as support for speculative fiction and aspiring authors.

The publication regularly features poetry, short stories, and artwork by now-famous authors and creators, or lesser known, yet skilled, creators.

The magazine was first published in April of 1981 through a student grant. To quote the now-magazine's website self description, "students wanted to see their work live beyond the end of the semester."

67 and 3/4 Issues (According to their Site) have been published to date, with issues coming out bianually.

The fanzine rose from the creative writing class of Spring 1981, taught by Marion Smith, and has seen the success of many science fiction authors.


The Silver Web


This is the exhibit for the fanzine The Silver Web, Issue 15. This is the final issue of the zine, which began in 1989 under the title of The Sterling Web. Rather than focusing on a particular subject or even genre, the goal of The Silver Web was to gather stories, often sci-fi or fantasy, that were strange, subversive, or surreal. Issue 15 contains significant helpings of both fiction and prose, as well as an interview with a featured artist conducted by the editor's husband. 

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