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Fosfax Issue #205: Part 1


Welcome to FOSFAX 205 PT1. FOSFAX is the official fanzine publication, or clubzine, of FOSFA (the Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association). This issue is 60 pages long and filled with a myriad of topics including book and Con reviews, acknowledgements of the happenings in the Science Fiction world, original fan works, alternate perspectives of historical events that the editors deem interesting enough to include, and editors’ notes on life happenings in the realm of sci-fi. While this publication is usually extremely long, especially under Timothy Lane’s editorship, it proved a great collection and collaborative effort of the works of  FOSFA’s members.  

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Starwind: Science Fiction and Fantasy


Starwind: Science Fiction and Fantasy was a fanzine that published primarily science fiction and fantasy short stories. The fanzine was founded by Warren Dileo and had its first issue published in the spring of 1976 by The Starwood Press. The fanzine was headquartered at Ohio University in Columbus where most of the writers, artists and staff (including Dileo) attended.  The magazine had been formally known as Rune (also created by Dileo), which was first published in 1969 and was active until the mid-‘70s. Shortly afterwards, Rune was retitled as Hobson’s Choice before finally being changed to Starwind. The second issue of Starwind was not edited by Dileo but by Elbert Linsdey Jr. Starwind was fairly short lived and ended after its second issue was published in the autumn of 1976. 


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The Silver Web


This is the exhibit for the fanzine The Silver Web, Issue 15. This is the final issue of the zine, which began in 1989 under the title of The Sterling Web. Rather than focusing on a particular subject or even genre, the goal of The Silver Web was to gather stories, often sci-fi or fantasy, that were strange, subversive, or surreal. Issue 15 contains significant helpings of both fiction and prose, as well as an interview with a featured artist conducted by the editor's husband. 

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