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The Flame of S.F.P.A #14

Apazine created by P.L. (Pamela Lynn) Caruthers-Montgomery (PLCM) as part of mailing #125 (intended for #124) from members of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance. The typed content was created on March 8, 1985.  The main cover was xeroxed on red paper to represent "The Flame" which also referenced Caruthers-Montgomery's red hair and outspoken personality. The primary content is xeroxed on white paper.  

PLCM was awared the Rebel Award later in 1985 with her husband, Larry Montgomery, for contibution they both made as long-term members. She also became president of the Southern Fandom Confederation for 5 years and was a president emeritius after her tenure. PLCM (Caruthers-Montgomery) later "discovered the world of BBSing" (bulletin board systems) and left Fandom. PCLM passed away in August 2003


 Below is a visual representation of an eternal flame burning in honor of PL Caruthers. Featured is artwork from this zine, where fans can add images to the instagram account from which these images are being pulled.

Addendum: @flameresurrected

Using social media, lovers of The Flame of SFPA can keep her legacy going. Using @flameresurrected as a frame of reference, Instagram users can add their own flare to any of the 15 posts on the profile page. Simply download a picture of your choosing, print it out, add color, drawings, etc. and upload a picture of your new creation with the appropriate hashtag(s). Favorite uploads will be re-posted from the @flameresurrected Instagram account

Download Addendum in entirety here | directions


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