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  • Collection: Myriad, No. 8. 1969

Myriad Page 1.jpg
Myriad cover page with Spider-Man.

Myriad Page 2.jpg
Introduction to the issue and replies to fans and contributors.

Myriad Page 3.jpg
Continuation of "Corner of the Wall" section from page 2.

Myriad Page 4.jpg
Amount of contributions by person, and a request to two high contributors to continue work.

Myriad Page 5.jpg
Autobiographical content about the author.

Myriad Page 6.jpg
"The Meteor" comic book cover page.

Myriad Page 7.jpg
Intentionally blank page.

Myriad Page 8.jpg
"The Meteor" introductory panel.

Myriad Page 9.jpg
"The Meteor" story panels.

Myriad Page 10.jpg
"The Meteor" story panels.
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