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  • Collection: Critical Mass: Volume 1, No. 2

This is the cover page for the January/February 1989 Issue of the fanzine, "Critical Mass." It displays the title, volume number, issue number, price, and authors.

This is the table of contents of the fanzine "Critical Mass" Volume 1, No. 2. The contents are arranged alphabetically, by first word of story title.

Seen on page 2 is an advertisement for a new hard science fiction novel by Jack McDevitt entitled, A Talent for War, published by Ace February. Page 3 is comprised of a section entitled Zsusa Words which provides the readers with a bit of background…

Pages 2 and 3 comprise a section entitled "Of Coolers, Chicken Hats, And The Stars" which provides a concise account of the SFWCC's founding by member, Gregory Nicoll.

These pages contain short biographies of the authors who contributed their work to this issue.

This contains the last page of the biographies of the authors as well as the first page of "Castle Dominion" by Thomas Hartmann.

"Castle Dominion" cont.

"Castle Dominion" cont.

Pages 14 and 15 contain The end of "Castle Dominion," by Thomas Hartmann, and the first page of "Wishing You Were Here," by Gregory Nicoll, respectively.

"Wishing You Were Here" cont.
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