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  • Collection: Brainstorm (May 1980)

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Summary and Analysis sections/chapters are separated by “*** ***” in the fanzine.

Summary and Analysis of this section beings on Page 2.

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The story begins centered around Christopher, a seemingly young child who is talking to a rabbit who is a figment of the imaginations of his drug addicted father. He wants the attention of his parents – but the rabbit says that “she”, his mother, is…

Summary and Analysis of this section beings on Page 4.

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Now the rabbit introduces us to meet the cat called Ket. The rabbit approaches Ket with “catnip mixed with sins” (drugs). Rabbit admits he is very uncomfortable with the feeling Ket gives him. Ket tells the rabbit they are lucky that now they cannot…

The rabbit travels up a staircase – thus making him higher literally and figuratively as he “became giddy” and constantly scratches his itchy ears. He broke through the depressing section of the climb and finds absolute bliss in the level of…

The decent down was nowhere near as pleasant at the sections that were blissful on the way up. This parallels how drug induced highs function – where coming off the drug is nowhere near as pleasurable as the way up. There lies a dead, twisted, frozen…

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Summary and Analysis of this section beings on Page 8.

Finally, we meet the master the rabbit spoke of to Christopher in the beginning, Sperhauk, seen smoking Opium – the drug he represents. Rabbit reveals “the memory of the senseless death” caused by Sperhauk (Opium) that comes back to him – signifying…

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The rabbit runs to the door which the husband is behind and bangs on the door. This shows that after a while, drugs come back with temptation if not taken (if the rabbit is not made significant) after a while. Being a tricky rabbit – he performs a…
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