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  • Collection: Future Times, Vol 6 #7, July 2003

Cover of the Tropical Fantasy Issue of Future Times depicting the back of a person underneath an umbrella surrounded by advertisements for writings and information found inside.

An introductory page to the fanzine newsletter including information about club officers and official business along answers to the monthly poll question.

An interview with screenwriter Terry Rossio and his work on the film Pirates of the Caribbean

An interview with writer Alan Troop on his new piece "Dragon Moon."

A travel review of Tikal, Guatamala by Becca Heisler.

News and brief announcements section of the newsletter detailing a convention, a write up on an awarded Georgia Tech student, and plans for the upcoming calendar.

A narrative piece by Thomas Seay detailing his experience at a midnight release of a Harry Potter novel.

The first part of the second place short story in a high school writing competition entitled "Repetition" by Nick Doerr. To be continued next issue.

A continuation of the Rossio interview from page three and a list of nominees for the 2003 Hugo Awards.

A calendar detailing relevant events and dates from August 17th through July 16th 2003.
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