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The creator continues to comment on such things as Bonanza, Johnny Cash and other musicians. He concludes the zine with a reply to Hutchinson's recent dog bite.

The author describes Prince and his poor imitation of James Dean. He talks about 'Purple Rain' and wonders if Prince only makes songs about colors?

The author is talking about Georgia Stonehenge, a new rock band. He also mentions flushing a cat down a toilet once.

The creator is talking about his hatred for the lyrics of the song, "Gasbusters" written by Alan Hutchinson.

The creator talks about him losing a court claim of $33 because he represented himself during the trial and wasn't prepared for it.

The creator is talking about his inability to write zines anymore because of his lack of interest in them.

The creator is talking about the Gary Lewis and the Playboys. He mentioned his favorite song from the band "Count me In".

On this page, the creator talks about his fascination with Alan Hutchinson's work and how he's paying him a tribute with this zine. He also talks about going to a concert.

The zine starts with a black and white cover page that has one man narrating the title of the zine to another man, King of Apes.
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