Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 23

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 23


This section contains detailed and rambling reviews and comments on the zines contained within the SFPA mailer. Due to the lack of context in many of the comments, as well as the personal nature of Lillia's addresses to the zine writers, and the stream-of-consciousness style of his writing, descriptions can do little justice to these pages.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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mostly ... Campbell’s talents as an editor far outshone Don A. Stuart’s talents as a writer, “Who Goes There?” notwithstanding. ## My policy on extensions is this: if a member misses a mailing where he owes activity because of his own medical situation, sudden and beyond his control, I will consider granting a one-mailing extension. For instance, Sam Schlam owes four pages, and two weeks before the deadline is hit with acute appendicitus. Into the hospital and between the sheets he goes. Mrs. Schlam calls up GHLIIIOE and lets him know in advance of the deadline. GHLIIIOE considers and decides that, to be fair, Sam should get a break. Once before this has happened in SFPA history. Very seldom will it happen in SFPA’s future. Even this policy, which I feel is pretty tough, is suspect in SFPA, where we enjoy a low activity requirement & there’s no real excuse for lactivity except lack of interest. ## There are no questions about TV sets on the long census form. ## Alas, Frederic Brown will write no more s.f., nor any more mysteries. He’s been pushing up daisies for several years, alas. ## When I consider the state of education in this nation, I panic. Since we’d never be able to afford private schools, GHLIV and his siblings will have to make do with public schools, & are there any worthy ones left? Teachers are ill-paid, ill-treated, ill-spoken-of, mauled, maimed, and murdered, harassed, hurried, often uninspired and uninspiring. Biggers, how do you stand it!? ## I dunno: will Ulric be in Boston? ## Believe it or not, I too was once a registered Republican. In 1956, when I was 7, I sat through the Democratic Convention (p.o.ed because it pre-empted all the good shows), & vowed support for Eisenhowever (neat typo; let it stand) ... because Adlai Stevenson was bald. Ike was, of course, hairless too, but I didn’t let that stop me. (My folks, Southerners, were for Adlai.) Now it is I who am going bald: Adlai’s ghost wreaking his customarily witty vengeance. Anyway, this predilection persisted till Reagan’s jackboots and Nixon’s neuroses convinced me otherwise, & the first time I registered (on Sproul Plaza at UC), I fulfilled a promise to my childhood self & registered with the GOP. And have voted for one Republican since: Ivy Baker Priest as California State Treasurer. She won, too. ## No need for me to hear Jeff Wasserman’s story of how Bob Kane came to be known as “the Putz”. I was there when Larry Lee so dubbed him. ## And there was the Sherlock Holmes cartoon wherein the great detective tried to figure out how the villain had stolen a dinosaur skeleton, now in use as a giant xylophone ... ## Cuyler is the given name of a famous SFPAn ... or, as Bones McCoy would say to Captain Kirk, “He’s Ned, Jim!”

THE SPHERE vol. 66 #1/Markstein ##

It took long enough – 9 ½ years – but it looks like the GHLIII Press finally surpassed the Demented Turkish Dwarves in numbers. ## Leslie David told me some of the ghastly Leprecon story – damned bad news for local fandom, especially goodfellow Curt Stubbs (love his hat). Bob Tucker told me that each worldcon accounts for at least one marriage break-up; with all the hassles accruing to Iggy, even two years after the last congoer departed Phoenix, it’s no wonder. Never, pledge I. ## Once alerted, you handled the dues situation well. Forget it, and you’re quite welcome. ## Stan Lee ... met him only once, an occasion immortalized in Worm Chowder #25, which I ran through out 60th mlg. “You must have written a billion letters!” he said, and complimented me on Amazing World. Obvious rug. Guy Lillian’s moment with Stan Lee. ## DelMonte’s Westercon ad would’ve made a fine cover. ## I just bought a remaindered copy of the Alien photo-novel; it’s “by” the same dude who published those great continuity tomes on Psycho, Frankenstein, etc. a few years ago. ## I’ve learned to appreciate Ellay, “devoid of personality” & all. As I said to Celia Chapman during my ’78 visit there, “It’s plastic, but it’s sincere.” And any burg wherein resides Bobbi Armbruster & Ruth Judkowitz is rich in human excellence no matter how glossy the surface, how trivial the depth. ## Grand colors, this Sockeye Text. Expensive?


Nice cover, and an interesting zine. It’ll be a valuable treat to have a f’real bookbinder in the apa; do you think you might one day take orders for bound SFPA mailings &/or press files? Binging the GHLIII Press in chains is a dream of years. Someday you must have Justin Winston tell you about the unscrupulous bookbinder who ruined his Gustave Dore Raven, but be forewarned, and expect tears.

WEIRD SINUS vol. 44 #1-17/Hutchinson ##

As usual with your “mimic” covers, this Wally

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