Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 24

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 24


This section contains detailed and rambling reviews and comments on the zines contained within the SFPA mailer. Due to the lack of context in many of the comments, as well as the personal nature of Lillia's addresses to the zine writers, and the stream-of-consciousness style of his writing, descriptions can do little justice to these pages.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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Wood parody was superb. Wood, Kliban, Jack Davis, Barks – who next is grist for the wit of Hutchinson’s mill? By the way, speaking of Wood, take a Gladstone gander at the illo below. Found it in a Sunday supplement diet spafon ad. Familiar touch evident, eh wha? ## We missed The Kids Are Alright; please, if Beth & I ever visit your house, remember that I mentioned it. As you’ll see later on this zine, the wif’ has this thing about the Who. ## Anyone have a copy of Live at Leeds – speaking of – and know the name the Who used to go by? ## The question of whether Andre Bridget should have owed pages after mlg 94 is moot, now. She resigned a few days ago. ## Here, in NC, and now, the middle of July, the Senseless Department is engaged in Followup-2, a mop-up operation designed to catch as many non-counted households as possible. Currently I visit all those places counted as vacant or non-existant in the first go-round, getting some “knowledgable person” (neighbor, postmar, real estate broker, apartment manager, the like) to verify that the place is either vacant or not there, or, if it’s occupied, finding out when the folks moved in and if they’ve done a census form. It’s hot, it’s dull, it’s pretty profitable. I made $100 in five minutes one day last week. (And nothing at all the rest of the day.) ## “Truck Wrecks I Have Known”. Yeech! ## You asked for it:


1. Diana Rigg (dare I say otherwise?)
2. Sigourney Weaver (she can bring her spacesuit)
3. Evonne Goolagong (she really got to me at Wimbledon)
4. Samantha Eggar (as in The Collector; Jerrell, Jerrell...)
5. Cheryl Ladd (in thanks for the plastic necklace)
6. Adrienne Barbeau (what a pair! I mean, what a girl!)
7. Vanessa Redgrave (any age, any era)
8. Jane Curtin (neat eyes)
9. Marianna Hartley (One-Steps are great for feelthy peectures...)
10. Beth Lillian (she’s famous to me!)

And you dare to ask, “Who’s Glorious?” ## We’re picking up a crazy station on cable nowadays. Sometimes it’s Channel 9 from New York, other times Channel 9 from Chicago, and when we saw The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything, it came from Channel 2 in San Francisco. Occasionally a local CB interferes with the signal, prompting me to think that it’s not an authorized channel, but who’s going to report it? Not I. ## Harry Andruschack gets each SFPA 00. ## Bridget is worse this mlg, the one you now read, that I’ve ever seen him: more antagonistic, more defensive, more unreasonable, worse even than he was in LASFAPA. Ignoring him doesn’t work, prompting him to more positive activity doesn’t work, trying to argue with him doesn’t work. As OE, it’s up to me to consider what will work, because this ugliness cannot continue. ## The hammer attack on Michelangelo’s Pieta came on a day I’ll never forget, a day on which the loveliest thing in my life was itself shattered like the madonna’s beautiful marble face. I remember relating the two events in my diary that night. Though the Vatican repaired much of the damage to the sculpture, nothing could repair the personal damage ... except a little time ... ## No, Carl Barks’ stories could never be called “cutesy-poo”. Not yarns so well paced, so humorous, so blithely cutting towards their characters ... ## In my collection, old comics usually came to grief due to a peculiar aging process known as Lance E. Lillian, a.k.a., kid-brotheritus. I’ll always remember when he ripped the shit out of my mint copy of the first Brave&Bold JLA. ARRGHH! ## If I could write the last episode of M*A*S*H, I’d include all the old characters ... showing Radar back on

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