Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 25

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 25


This section contains detailed and rambling reviews and comments on the zines contained within the SFPA mailer. Due to the lack of context in many of the comments, as well as the personal nature of Lillia's addresses to the zine writers, and the stream-of-consciousness style of his writing, descriptions can do little justice to these pages.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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his mama’s farm, maybe with that cute WAC he met on his last show, Frank Burns futching up the VA hospital where he was transferred, Trapper John on his way to becoming Pernell Roberts, Henry Blake feeding the fish in the dark unbridled waters ... The situation would be the end of the war, of course, everyone to go home, but first – I doubt Alda would let this happen – I’d like to see Hawkeye really put on the spot. No, not court-martialled (that’s happened before, anyway), but put into a situation where he had to pump some hot lead into a North Korean in order to save his own life, or one of his pals’. His holier-than-thou stance is the only obnoxious residue of the wiseass movie. ## Yeah! Let’s see a retrospective of Hutchinson’s SFPA covers! Mlg 100 would be the ideal place. ## And yeah again! A Hutchinson guide to Europe. Well do I recall the two Duck yarns involving European tours, one in which Donald was obnoxiously collecting souvenirs (the redone Christmas caroling episode), another in which the poor quackers were on a “Tuesday/Belgium” excursion. Your journey journal will be a great read. Take your sketchpad! ## Runnin’ Plates would never have made it into SFPA had I already made my ruling about legibility; I couldn’t legally keep it out till such a ruling had been made. Such zines cannot clutter the mlgs now. Too bad ... the illo was good, if nothing else therein was. ## Spirited – if somewhat harried – defense of the p.o. throughout thish. And funny insurance excuses. As for your being “tired”, well two years in this OEship would exhaust anyone, and your “retirement” produces better activity than most of the rest of us can come up with in thundering enthusiasm.

THIN ICE no. 42/Verheiden ##

Neat cover. If Death Corps reflects such humor and creativity, it’ll be the first guts-&-gore flick to win an Oscar. Bill the pony ... how did he react to Mr. St. Helens? ## FASCINATING look inside the creation of a movie! Keep this up! By the way, your offer to premiere Death Corps at SFPAcon was well appreciated ... but as that project seems to be kiboshed, might I make an alternate suggestion? How about bringing a print to the ’81 DSC, in (probably) Birmingham? Comeon, bwah, they’ve chained up the police dogs there, and you’ve ducked the rest of SFPA long enough. We don’t bite (we use claws to rip and rend...)! ## You should use shots of the volcano to dress up Death Corps. Shot of Mt. St. H ... cut to bozo dressed as the devil popping up ... cue in “Night oh Bald Mountain” ... ## Thanks for the boo on the OEship? ## Funny to read your assessments of the volcano before & after the big blast. First you weren’t “close enough to be especially scary”, then you were “only about fifty miles from the mountain”. If Mohammed wouldn’t go to the mountain, then it had to come to him, I guess. Endure ... and do more witty zines like this.


That’s a right clever title. Welcome to SFPA! You join a remarkable group, here, many of whom you know already. And I wouldn’t say that you were shy & quiet ... just because you make Alan Hutchinson and Susan Biggers look like whooping Apaches is no reason to think yourself shy. Nice seeing you at MidSouth! ## You office folk with the census don’t know what you’re missing ... surly bohunks flashing shotguns ... rabid German Shepherds ripping at your throat ... 100 degree heat, punctuated by thunderstorms, capped by rising steam ... ## Lord of the Rings ... you know, I didn’t read that book till 1977? When I mentioned that I’d finally done so, John Guidry asked: “Tell me, Guy, do you think this book will ever become popular?” ## Another Hearts player! Good. Bring lots of $$ to DSC. And welcome again!


Your titles, as LASFAPAns well know, are among apadom’s best. Whence this one? ## “I get o meet a lot of glamorous Hollywood movie accountants.” Mark? Here’s a contact! ## Oh, I kinda like Fiend Without a Face; like you say, it is competantly made. No one in their wits would say the same of Plan 9 from Outer Space or Fire Maidens, for instance. And those brain creatures did splat so revoltingly ... ## Wah! I wanna see Rope. ## Oops, my mistake, it’s you who put down Trial Run, not weber. I refer you to his comment for talk re Dick Francis. Run, don’t walk to read Whip Hand. ## Who Goes Here?, huh? I’ll watch for it. ## Short but good! More!


No offense, but I doubt if this zine will give Mel #75 much competition on this year’s

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