Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 26

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 26


This section contains detailed and rambling reviews and comments on the zines contained within the SFPA mailer. Due to the lack of context in many of the comments, as well as the personal nature of Lillia's addresses to the zine writers, and the stream-of-consciousness style of his writing, descriptions can do little justice to these pages.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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Egoboo Poll. ## “Shit! Another Tyro!” Another tyro? Tennis rackets noted ...

GIGO #12/Davis ##

Lost The Southerner? Tsk. Maybe you ought to keep your mailings in supermarket fruit bags, as do I. That way you can lose the whole mailing at once. ## A glorious line ... “I am getting bald, fat, and ... small shapeless pieces of my body fall off and squirm briefly in a ghastly parody of life before dissolving into putreseent green slime.” I know the feeling ... 31 in 4 days ... ## Galileo has my affection for publishing “Daisy, in the Sun”, this year’s best short sf story, in my opinion (and on my ballot). Galaxy the apa merged with Myriad years ago. ## I’ve read some poetry that was more like “peotry”. ## Amen to dirty young redheads! A genetic program to breed more should be the new administration’s foremost priority. (I’ll suggest it to Anderson, you whisper it to Reagan.) ## Rocky Horror was shown at MidSouthCon, sorta ... they had it on a big TV screen, with much distortion, lousy sound, and a fascist who swore that the first thign thrown he would turn off the set. Fandom seems attractive to such characters, God knoweth why. ## Burn, Witch, Burn was a Hugo nominee, back in the days before Hugos went to b-i-g flicks like 2001 & Star Wars. ## Yay Davis! Doc Smith lives! (Did you ever get to meet him?) ## That ad for Rope may have been effective, but it was also misleading. Jimmy Stewart played the good guy, as when hasn’t he? ## Lots of loud laughs owe their lives to this fanzine. You’re in good form, Hank. ## Hey, wasn’t Blackhawk a DC book? Sure it was. “Pi yiminy, yumpin’ yehosophat I gorner take der hammer and eat it, yahhh...” ## Trouble is, the music that aging rockers will hate probably will not be the Lawrence Welk champagne music that you enjoy, but something even more ghastly than rock. ## How’d you like Barry AuH2O in the GOP convention 7-15? Poor man looks frailer every time I see him, and dammit, Barry Goldwater should never grow old. ## SSFPAzines still won’t be accepted as a member’s initial SFPAc ... the reason being prior distribution. The SSFPA EO sees the zine before the OE dOEs (that was cute: dOEs). I have to be the first person I know of outside of the member, the printer, or contributors to see the zine in order for it to get SFPA credit. Which means it’s okay to let your roomate read the thing as long as you don’t trumpet it around. But SSFPAzines? No. ## You can stay, though. I’m so magnanimous it’s revolting. Or is it, “I’m so revolting it’s magnanimous”? Likely the latter. ## What Nero Wolfe movie? I loved Rex Stout till the formula began to bore me. ## A VIDEO CASSETTE OF WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN?!? WHERE? HOW? ## B.S. to Howard Hughes and Hell’s Angels; Wings used real airplanes in its flying scenes, even if they did animate the flames trailing behind them ... ## Interesting thoughts on the ambiguities in Empire, but as you say, they don’t affect the quality of the film. As to how Luke landed his ship near Yoda on Dagobeth (or whatever), it’s easy ... the Force took him there. I go for your suggestion of Miss Piggy as the last hope of the galaxy. If they’re down to her, then they’re at barrel’s floor. ## Well, even though you had no cover, at least you had a groovy blue staple, holding this good zine together.


The best bit in this mailing goes to the man who has “won” more of these honors than any other SFPAn, GEORGE WELLS, for the entirety of his Read-a-Like Contest, but most especially for the try at question #1. Bravissimo.


Also received a page from Lon Atkins entitled Rebel With a Cause, asking questions about the OEship he will turn into a symposium for mlg 100. Looks interesting; I’ll get right to work on my answers:

Just trying out some of the interchangeable keys I’ve ordered for this nifty, solid Coronomatic 8000. These (above and below) will look good in Hearts game accounts. hmm... maybe the clubs and spades won’t do so well ...

Ahhhh ... man’s favorite sport ...

Expect to see these next mailing ... SM59, all-Jerry Collins, DSC, NYC, maybe even Boston. Plans are being made, tickets ordered, hotel costs prepaid. See y’all then and there!

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