Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 29

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 29


This final section focuses on Lillian's trip to Atlanta to take the Georgia Civil Service exam, in addition to meeting up with SFPA associates and friends.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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I’d intended to close thish on July 20, my 31st (ARRRRGGGHHHHH) birthday, but held off ... like Paladin, had a bit of traveling to do ...

Before that, though, there are a few odds & odds (no end to this means) (“What?”) to touch upon ...

Down in Rio de Janeiro, my mother saw the Pope pass by from the folks’ dining room window ... The company let my father and all his fellow Union Carbidites off for the day, as the city was immobile, packed with pilgrims ...

Saw Kelly and Polly Freas at MidSouthCon, both looking fine. Kelly’s lost a lot of weight and his hair’s turned white, and the man inside is still the same charmer.

Recently Beth and I attended a party for my old Greensboro buddy Candace Flynt, who had just brought forth her first novel – Chasing Dad, Dial Press. In attendance a slew of the old MFA crew, including guru Chappell and Lynne Barrett, now of the Carnegie-Mellon English Department and recently of a story pubbed in Redbook. She read “Turista” and proposed some cuts which I shall presently consider. Stick around until mlg 100 and you’ll have a chance to read more Lillian fiction. It’s better than the junk you’re reading now.

Anyway, the party was glorious fun, even if I was about the only soul there in blue jeans and three or four elderly gents I didn’t know handed me their car keys and asked me to drop the autos out front ... sonsabitches didn’t tip well, either ... Chappell told me to hustle my ass over to UNC-G’s English Department and there volunteer to teach (at miserable pay) introductory courses, which I did, forthwidth.

And with Candy publishing a novel, and another MFAer, Kermit Turner, bringing out Rebel Powers, and Lynne and Marriane Gingher placing stories in Redbook, what’s newin the life’s work of Guy H. Lillian III? “Do Unto Others”, a DC rewrite, shows in the latest Tales of the Unexpected. Don’t miss this one! It contains such arcane references as the Duke of Piva and Antonio the Dwarf (remember Tony Isabella?), and such dialog for the ages as “GASP!”


Dug through a box the other day, looking for comics to send to Jennings (for so I shall finance much of my worldcon trip), and chanced upon a waxy wad of gummy, rotten old stencils ... the moral remains of Spiritus Mundis 2, 3, 4, and 5. Not all of the pages for those four early zines were present, of course, but I was kind of pleased with those that were ... all had illos. And though the Krenkel Klean-write brand had mostly disintegrated to oily mush, the Sure-Writes – all of issue #2 (remember the “paper arm”?) – were still perfect. I clipped the illos free for use at another time.

A project for the next couple of weeks will be unpacking my hoard of comics from the ‘60s and ‘70s and deciding which of them I could bear to sell to Bob Jennings, then repacking those and shipping them north to Worchester. I can tell that this is going to break my heart, but there are, of course, some comics I could never part with... like the Kirby Fourth World Series, Swamp Thing, any with my LOCs. By the way, leafing through a few issues the other day, I chanced upon letters from Richard Morrissey of Massachusetts and Steven Carlberg of Oklahoma ...

And so, on the day after my birthday, the appointment card with Georgia State Civil Service in glove compartment, I threw some socks into a suitcase and puttered off for Atlanta. My Honda’s ignition system is fouled up beyond belief, which requires me half the time to find a nice slope to jump-start it, but the engine was running well & I thought I could negotiate the 330 miles to Hank Reinhardt’s house without trouble.

Negotiate the miles we did. But with quite a bit of trouble. 2/3 of the way to Atlanta,

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