Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 31

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Spiritus Mundi #58, July 1980, page 31


This final section focuses on Lillian's trip to Atlanta to take the Georgia Civil Service exam, in addition to meeting up with SFPA associates and friends.


Guy H. Lillian III


Spiritus Mundi, #58 July 1980




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Back at Hank’s we played some 3-handed Hearts. Hank set the smaller of his .45s on the table beside him. “Let the wookie win,” I murmured to Inzer.

I have been instructed, to use a kind word, to tell the SFPA in my account of that night’s games that, as usual, poor old senile Hank was whipped as usual, that I drove home in my own jeep with the deed to Hank’s house safely enpocketed. “Tell them to come to DSC and bring lots of money,” beamed the wolflord. “Gee, if both you and Inzer move down here and get jobs, I’ll be able to retire!”

For a while there, I imagined walking back into my apartment and saying, “Beth, pack up. You’re moving to Atlanta.”

“Oh! Did you get a job already?”

“No. I lost you to Reinhardt in a Hearts game.”

Well ... 3-handed isn’t real Hearts. I understand a college champion is coming to DSC, bent on facing Atkins, Reinhardt, Lillian, and all the other great players. We shall see.

Got very little sleep that night, but rode the excellent MARTA service into downtown Atlanta in plenty of time for my test. Beforehand, I wandered through the Georgia State Capitol, eying the stern bewhiskered ex-Governors in their portraits, gazing up at the Dome, comparing the building to the other state capitols I’ve visited and giving Georgia’s a B. (The A’s ... California’s and Utah’s.) The test was more interesting than difficult and I brought back another state application, more examinations for a better chance at a job my goal.

Because hell, I like Atlanta. I’m a city boy, and that’s one thrilling city.

And so home. The car behaved admirably. Much SFPAc awaited me. And Beth, ever encouraging, ever hopeful. Plans ahead. So ends Spiritus Mundi 58, hot with the dream of Georgia. Next issue! Jerry Collins all over the place! A return to Atlanta for DeepSouthCon! Bring zines! Bring cards! Bring money!

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