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On this page, the creator talks about his fascination with Alan Hutchinson's work and how he's paying him a tribute with this zine. He also talks about going to a concert.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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Apes? I Come Halfway Around the World to Marry Royalty, and Now You Tell Me You're King of the Apes? Vol. 1, #1-9 is published by Gary Brown, 2805 Riverview Blvd. West, Bradenton, FL 33505-for inclusion with SFPA mailing 129, January 1986. This is Menathee Press Number 312. 30 December 1985. I swear, mother, all he did was monkey around, night and day. I knew he was a swinger, but I didn't expect him to go from tree to tree like that. All in all, I guess I did have a vine time, though.

THIS ZINE'S FOR YOU, ALAN: This is a good time for a confession. They say that confession is good for the soul, so maybe my soul.needs a little goodness these days.

I really like reading apazines by Alan Hutchinson. They are clever little snatches of life thrust upon us at the time when we all need them the most. They are funny, witty, well-written and, above all, Alan sends a new $5 bill to anyone who will say so in print. Needless to say, I will repeat these compliments numerous times in this zine even though I don't really believe them. I could use a few new $5.

Somewhere back last year (1985 that is) I reappeared from the dead and asked friend Hutchinson to send me any of his extra apazines. I sent me a virtual treasure chest of artistic excellence and literate observations of the world around us (that's $10 sport). I then reapplied to the SFPA Wait List and made a solemn vow to Alan that for every one of his zines he sent me while I was on the WL, I would respond in kind with a letter of comment.

I lived up to my part of the bargain for several issues, then fell behind. I never did get around to sending him an LOC for CLINT EASTWOOD AS A BOY, and forgot to reply to .GASBUSTERS. The most recent addition, PISSASS, came in the mail and I knew I had to do something to make up for my tardiness.

So I decided to do an entire zine with nothing but mailing comments to the kind,generous and understanding Mr. H ($15). What more to boost one's ego than an apazine devoted entirely to reflections of his work?

Besides, there is so much there to comment on, that including a page or two in my regular zine (OBLIO) would not do A.H. justice. So here goes... a tribute to my friend, companion, buddy and all around good guy, Alan Hutchinson.

(Okay, it's done, now when do we get our sons back? I'll leave the $10,000 in the hollow tree trunk next to Bayfront Center and we will wait for your call. Don't worry, no tracers, no cops. Boy, terrorism really has filtered into fandom, hasn't it. Some guys will do anything to get mailing comments. Sheesh.)

Clint Eastwood as A Boy (Alan Hutchinson): One of your best covers in months. This could very well be Ryan, who almost always demands stuff to eat and drink at the most unusual times. Once when he decided he didn't like pizza, he sat and ate pancakes while we munchedon pizza. Then two hours later he was crying because we didn't save him anypizza. Grrrrrr!!!!!

Gee, it's been a while since I've been to a concert of any sort, too. Jimmy Buffett in Tallahassee was the last, I guess. They've had a few good ones in Tampa since I've been there, but haven't made them. I wish I had gone to the Julian Lennon concert last summer.

Just the sound of the Happy Together Tour is enough to make me wish we had decided to go, too. I like all the groups somewhat, but really enjoyed the Turtles. In fact, their Battle of the Bands album is terrific in concept and execution.

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