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The creator is talking about the Gary Lewis and the Playboys. He mentioned his favorite song from the band "Count me In".


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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Gary Lewis and the Playboys were never a favorite, but they did have a string of hits there in the late 1960s that were catchy tunes. My favorite of theirs: "Count Me In."

Your mention of The Grassroots reminds me of a fraternity brother of mine at USF. His name was Paul Demasquita and his three claims to fame were: He was the number two player on the USF tennis team; he looked like Paul Newman's younger bro­ther; and he was a diehard Grassroots fan. He had all their albums and he finally got to see them in concert. He was shattered. They didn't sound like their albums and he lost faith in them. My favorite Grassroots song: "Where Were You When I Needed You." (It sounded like the Byrds.)

I was never a big Buckinghams fan either, but a friend of mine's brother had a roommate whose cousin knew the drummer to the Buckinghams, which always led me to believe I had an "in" with the band. My favor­ite Buckinghams' song: "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song." Some neat effects.

I said previously, I always liked The Turtles. If two wacky people like: Kaylan-and Volman can play the White House when Nixon was president ("Happy Together" was Julie and David's fave song), anything can happen.

In fact, if you want a little trivia that will blow your mind (since we're into trivia today), do you know what Kaylan and Volman have been doing recently? They are writing Strawberry Shortcake albums. Honest. I recall reading an article on them that said the Strawberry Shortcake albums sold better than any of their Turtles lps. Gads, from Dylan to Zappa to Nixon to Strawberry Shortcake. My goodness.

Which reminds me of several "claims to fame" of the Bradenton area. First, Pee Wee Herman's mother lives in Sarasota. Second, Frank Zappa's father was a history teacher at Manatee High School back in the 1960s and 70s. One girl at the Herald had him for a class and said he was really weird. Like father, like son.

I am envious of you and your new Camaro. I've always wanted to own a Camaro, but never got around to it. Sigh. Maybe I'll steal yours some night when you're not looking. By the way, I've known people who do things like scratch new cars or pour shit on them on purpose, just to piss off the owner. Slugs of the Earth.

Aha, finally I get to refute your claim that you won our tennis match. Bah. So Ryan stood in the middle of the court and refused to leave. So Scott kept jumping up and down on the hood of your new Camaro with his baseball spikes on. That was no reason to quit. Gosh. I was winning, if I remember correctly, 15-0.

Yeah, that was a bummer. So a little ol' cruise ship gets hijacked by terrorists and they shoot a bunch of people and throw a guy over the side. And what do they do? They take a perfectly good tennis match off the air. Gosh, what is this world coming to? They also insisted on putting it on the front pages of newspapers all over the country. Tsk!

Your idea of having everyone send their contributions to someone else after Stven declared no one owed pages was brillant. Sort ofthing that would have been great to pull off. I could just see Stven on the telephone: "But Guy, you just can't miss a mailing... "

We had a football poll at the FUNFLI Super Bowl Party last week, but to make it seem as though we were not gambling, we called it FUNFLI FOR AFRICA. Some people actually believed it. By the by, where did you (and :others) get those Glen Baxter cartoons? Funny stuff.

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