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The creator is talking about his inability to write zines anymore because of his lack of interest in them.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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Type written pages stapled together





Finding time to work on zines can become a problem. There are day to day stuff that you can't avoid, especially with two kids wanting to go outside, play He-Man, eat a peanut butter sandwich or generally bug you to death. Being single made doing zines easier, because I could make time whenever I pleased. Now it just doesn't work that way. Plus, there are times when I just don't feel like doing a zine and I have to force myself to do one.

I'll have to check, but when I rejoined the SFPA Wait List, I think one of the rules Stven sent me was to "avoid doing mailing comments to Alan Hutchinson." But then, my memory is slipping as I grow older.

Gee, I•ve always liked Diet Pepsi much more than Diet Coke (ugh!) and especially better than
(double ugh!) Tab! But then, I've always liked Pepsi better than Coke.

I never had a chance to watch Nig Gallery much when it was on originally, but have been catching the reruns on ch.44 (or 28?). Not every good, I think. Was Gary Collins that dumb them? Dr. Strange character on all of them?

Speaking of staples, how come yours have those wiggly lines in them? Look at them. See, a bump on one side, then the other. Gee, I never did call that Kinko's in Tampa to check on their prices, did I? Hmmm, guess that'll have to be one of my New Year's resolutions.

I’m like you regarding voice activated computers for writing fanzines… I'd have a bunch of ahs...and wait a minutes. But one of the big things in newspaper layouts these days is what they call Pagination.
That allows the person doing the page layout to see the entire page while he's putting it together. Currently our Atex system allows us to work on just one story at a time. Pagination not only eliminates some jobs in composing, but also gives you a better view of what the final product will look like. Several newspapers have it now (I think the LA Times and Philadelphia Inquirer) and more will use it in the future.

That might be perfect for doing zines. Make them more visual. But then again, the main purpose of apazines usually is to get as much type on a page as possible.

I think I mentioned the new IBM typewriter they have at work. I hope to park myself at it for a zine one day after work, or at least some pages. It splices, dices and does anything imaginable.

Governments will always needs to collect taxes in one form or another. The one thing that bugs me about our system is if you have enough money to hire an accountant and form various companies, you can avoid paying taxes, while those of us living from day to day end up getting socked by Uncle Sam.

It probably is acceptable for women to dance with each other because more often than not, many men refuse to dance or just sit there. So the girls get up and dance with each other, something I've often found amusing.

I don't necessarily embarrass easily, but I have a lot of things that are potentially embarrassing to me that I take in stride. But I'm sure Liz has read enough of your zines to know that 50% of what you say is in jest and the other 50% is out of jest. So there. (Am I blushing?)

I'll be 39 (along with Jack Benny) in February and despite the jibes and jokes, i doesn’t bother me. Never has. In the first place, I don't see anyone getting any younger. And secondly, the only way to avoid growing old is to die... something I'm nbt quite ready for just yet.

I think the fact that the Amos & Andy radio show featured two white men in the lead roles sort of carried over to the displeasure with the TV show for some blacks. All I know is that I watched it as a kid, thought-it was funny and not because there were some black stooges, but because there were some funny lines and situations. I always hoped Kingfish would get his and Amos & Andy would win out in the end.

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