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The creator talks about him losing a court claim of $33 because he represented himself during the trial and wasn't prepared for it.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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When I quit the newspaper in Perry I was offered my two weeks vacation pay. But when the publisher found out that I quit to start a rival paper, he withdrew his offer. I took them to small claims court for the $33 filing fee and lost. One of the reasons I lost, I’m sure, is because I represented myself and they had a big time lawyer representing them. Not that he knew the law any better than I did (we both sort of floundered about), but the judge seemed more inclined to side with a fellow member of the bar. Not that I presented the most convincing case in the world, but it seems to me that when a man gives his word on something, then changes his mind out of anger, it doesn't negate what he promised. Nonetheless, the incident cost me $33 in filing fees, while the other side paid close to $800 for the lawyer, deposition, etc.

Not that I am anti-attorney by any means. It’s just that damned bit of fraternity that exists in such professions that allows for covering up on someone's ass just because he or she is a lawyer, doctor... or even a newspaper person. I don't like it, especially when I’m caught in between.

Speaking of sports trivia, can anyone tell me who played for the New York Giants (baseball), the New York Rangers (hockey) and the New York Knicks (basketball) all in the same year? I1 ll give you one hint: It was during the mid-19.50s.

Since we both are non-smokers, I'll agree with you that the one thing cigaret smokers con•t realize is the damned odor that goes along with their habit. I am sure that if I came over to a friends house chomping on an onion and limburger cheese sandwich, I'd be politely told to take my act elsewhere. But many cigaret smokers think they can pollute the air around anyone else because the smoke has already numbed their sense enough that they don't notice it.

I don't mind if people want to smoke, especially in a public place, but if they are eating with me or in my house, I hope they will ask for permission first. Then, when I say I'd rather not
have them smoke, I’d hope they wouldn't get all bent out of shape.

Yes, after not paying much attention to comic books for four or five years, then looking at what
is available today, I agree with you about today's artists. Not very many good ones around. In fact, some of the artists on today's comic books are really terrible. As you say, not one ounce of professionalism amongst the lot of them.

Yes, I did too keep track of my M nathee Press numbers (have them right here with the first 300. But I wasn't sure if I listed the last two or three zines I did before disappearing.

The thing about Madonna is that while she is somewhat sexy, she is also somewhat ridiculous. I mean, some of her costumes are intriguing, while others make me laugh. Cindy Lauper just makes me laugh and she knows it (not really, but l'm sure she would if she knew me).

I second your suggestion to Mike Weber to never, ever try one of those little zines again. I borrowed your mailing and the damn thing fell out 50 times, if it fell out once. Arrggghhhh!
I don't know who this Larry F. Bruin guy is, but he's damn intelligent, a great writer and certainly agrees with everything I’ve ever wanted to think or say.

Aha, Chain up! I’ve noticed this trend in comics for years, but it never dawned on me there was a connection. It takes your diligent researching powers and the dedication of some true comic book fans to bring this to the attention of the public. A fine article and most invaluable to comic book researchers everywhere.

I understand that one of the reasons the Beatles sang “Chains" was because Paul McCartney was a comic book fan and liked the words. Then there is Van Halen's hit "Chainup."

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