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The creator is talking about his hatred for the lyrics of the song, "Gasbusters" written by Alan Hutchinson.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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Gasbusters (Alan Hutchinson: The lyrics to your "Gasbusters'' song were gross,
disgusting and gave me a pain right in the stomach region ahhhhhh nope, it's not there anymore, so I guess the lyrics weren't as bad as I originally thot.

Gosh, talk about nostalgia. I can't recall the last time I saw that rocket model. Pok, pok!
I knew there was something I wanted· to do, look for some of the Will Cuppy books. The little taste I got while visiting you was more than enough to warrent reading them (sorry I burped after taking that taste).

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Your "Gasbusters" lyrics reminded me that right after the movie came out I helped a good friend of mine (who owns a men's clothing store in Perry) to write some lyrics to the song and called it "Clothesbusters." He was going to make a radio commercial out of it, but we never could find someone to sing it. Let's see, it went something like: "Things going bad, in your neighborhood? Need to look sharp, need to look good? Who ya' gonna' call? CLOTHESBUSTERS!!”

Well, you get the idea. It really wasn't half-bad and the two of us sang it in his store when no one was around.

I have to laugh (sorry) while rereading your account of the cruise ship trip, because all the while you and Rose were gone, I kept telling Linda that it looked as though Hurricane Bob was making the seas rough for you guys. I kept picturing you hanging over the railing, heaving your pineapple salad or whatever they serve on those boats. Actually, my visions of you throwing up were rig!l.t, only I had you sick for all the wrong reasons.

I recall playing basketball in Miami during the late 1960s or thereabouts and hearing a strange language from a couple of black guys playing against us. It sounded funny, almost to the point of my thinking they were goofing on us. Several years later a gal I knew, who was a nurse and from Jamacia, identified the language for me. She (I think) said it was a combination of French, English and something else. It really sounds like some of the talk you might here in a 1930s cartoon about African natives or something.

I took your zine into work and had a Norwegian friend there translate the note you found in the Little Lulu comic years ago. Here's what she said it said: ''To the bearer of this note I will pay $15 million if they return it and proof of residency to SV MONDRUP, Tordenskjoldsgade, 32 Kbh.K or telephone Byon 6754. prior to Dec mber 31, 1985. I am an old millionaire wishing to leave part of my fortune to a true Little Lulu fan."

The one disappoint I had when I went to Mexico in 1979 was that I never did get into a bartering sessions 'with’

[Picture: Mother Goose & Grimm. The death says hi with a couple who is dancing.
"Luckily for herb...This time death just wanted to dance with Edna."]

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