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The author is talking about Georgia Stonehenge, a new rock band. He also mentions flushing a cat down a toilet once.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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any merchant there. I tried it once when we were at the Pyramid of the Sun, but the lady there refused to lower her price even one peso. I coolly walked away, thinking she'd run after me and offer the item at a reduced price. But she didn't, although I seem to remember he yelling out something that sounded like "Fuck you, cheap gringo.”

Gosh, I’ve flushed a cat down a toilet, but never trained a cat to do anything.

Georgia Stonhenge? Is that a new rock group or some reference to Bert Lance?

Many members of K-a have talked about "Repo Man" in glwoing terms, but I haven't managed to see it yet. Everytime it's one I either have to work or fall asleep.

By the by, you'll have to excuse the , I mean the , err...the dash on my typewriter. It doesn't seem to work unless I shift the ribbon to red and hit the key about 10 times. So I’m going to avoid splitting words at the end of lines.

I never heard the Q-Zoo's version of "19" but having driven that terrible road, I certainly agree with whatever they said about it. Neat idea.

Did you know Louden Wainwright III was a member of the M*A*S*H TV series cast for about a year? He sang several original songs, too.

I would guess that everytime we cure a disease or find some sort of medicine to help fight it, some other germ will jump up and attack our bodies. Sort of like the new strains of flu viruses that batter our sense every year. For example, one of the theories behind AIDS is that there are those in the population who can catch it if exposed and those who cannot. There have been studies that claim AIDS originated in Africa from the green monkey.

We ran a really dumb story several months ago about a company in California that was offering a special card you could carry showing you had been tested for various and sundry diseases and it certified that you had none of them. Of course, it didn't show that the night after getting tested you slept with someone who had herpes. I can just see it now: "Would you like to go home with me and spend the night Brunhilda?" "Sure, but let me see your disease card, first."

Yeah, I remember now that you really liked the Music Machine and Sean Boniwell. They had two hits and faded, I guess. I always thought the Box Tops would go far (like Albany), but they didn't.

Wasn't Rare Earth on Motown? And I know I've read that Elton John wrote the song "Phil­adelphia Freedom" for the Philadelphia team in the World Tennis League. He is a tennis fan and had met Billy Jean King. In fact, he may have even owned a small percentage of the team.

Yeah, Challengers of Unknown were great under Kirby and Wood. It would have made a great film by Lucas and Spielberg, eh? But when they changed editors, it became just another super-hero comic (although Bob Brown did a good job on the art). And what about The Fly for Archie. I loved that and Pvt. Strong. Ha, you never saw the 19 year old babysitter named Christine Falling. She was close to 300 pounds, ugly as sin ·and had killed six kids.


I know I always felt guilty when I didn't MC a zine in SFPA. Not that I had to comment on every little bit of the mailing, but I always tried to say something to someone. The problem with·short zines is that they end up having abbreviated MCs and a lot of time people respond according to what kind of MC they got, which turns into a spiral with a downward trend. The one thing that bothered me when I did a big zine was to get the standard "Wow, what a great zine" MC and nothing else. Grrrr......

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