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The author describes Prince and his poor imitation of James Dean. He talks about 'Purple Rain' and wonders if Prince only makes songs about colors?


Menathee Press Number 312


30 December, 1985


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I believe O"Neill lost and they had some sort of fund raiser for him to pay the legal fees and Disney and whatever.

The real pisser about those robots that turn into cars and dinosaurs and the lot is that Scott gets them and manages to make the transformation within minutes. I sit there and struggle with the sonofaguns for hours, then finally have to go the change. Rats.

As a WLer doing zines, I really hate contribute to an apain which I may not get a mailing. No sour grapes there, just the way I feel. So it has sort of limited me in my contribs. Mostly, I guess, because I like to read the response to my zines.

I just finished watching "Purple Rain'' last week. Some of it was well done, me thinks. Parts of it was either dull or not very interesting. But I thought Prince did a really shitty James Dean imiatation. It was more than obvious that he wan~ to portray the Dean-Brandon image on the screen and just doesn't have the ability or style to do it. I like many of his songs, but I keep wondering what he's going to do when he runs out of colors?

Yeah, I know firsthand how lucky you are on the sports questions in TP. Lucky...!

I seem to recall they had a "Brady Bunch reunion too ••• as well as a spinoff. I wish they'd to a Mary Tyler Moore reunion. Or, as one very stupid co-worker said recently: "Gee, they should make a M*A*S*H movie!"

Isn't repartee when you go to a party, leave, then return? I think Charles Jackson is still doing some of those self styled adventures, so I guess he's still believes it.

I don't know the details about Mike Weber's phone being disconnected, but I do know that two months ago Linda told me to take the phone bill by and pay it. I promptly forgot until it was a day or two overdue, then paid it with a sheepish grin on my face. We weren't disconnected, but did get a notice that we would be because we haven't paid. I called and told them I paid it...late. They said ignore the notice. Also, the phone bill is one of the bills you pay every month, so when there is not one to pay, I'd like to think we'd call the phone company and say we haven't got a bill, for whatever reason.

“I know women who were already promiscuous when I met them, but none that had become so after I met them." Gosh, I wouldn't repeat such stuff.

Yeah, Linda and I destroy you and Rose on the court, so you come up with this excuse that Rose is expecting Ha. Boy, some people will think of anything to make an excuse for losing at tennis. Flimsy, flimsy, flimsy. In fact, if she was pregnant at the time, then it was three against two and very unfair.

Seriously, best of luck with the newest Hutchinson and if you don't use Gary Hutchinson, then I vote for Moon Unit or Flintheart Glomgold Hutchinson.

PISSASS (Alan Hutchinson): Whew, an oldie goldie right here folks. The really embarrassing thing is that I bought the first 14 issues of PIZZAZZ and it really was a pissase magazine.

I agree with you on the deadline. Stven should have made ,it the day before Thanksgiving or the day after. It wasn't as though it had to be a week either way (unless he was out of town or something).

The drawback to selling those mailings is that when sales stop, the OE ends up carting· a!Ounch of mailings all over creation like in K-a.

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