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The creator continues to comment on such things as Bonanza, Johnny Cash and other musicians. He concludes the zine with a reply to Hutchinson's recent dog bite.


Menathee Press Number 312


Gary Brown


30 December, 1985


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Type written pages stapled together





I know who Ellen Gilchrist is, but never heard the story about Ellen Gilchrist and the high school commencement. I have heard (and told many times) about Ellen Gilchrist and the cancelled magazine subscription. And several people at work love to tell about Ellen Gilchrist and the stopped up ketchup bottle. But I have never heard of Ellen Gilchrist and the high school commencement.

I saw the first Bonanza pnce and heard that dumb, out of tune song they sing at the end. Fortunately, they never sang it again.

Yeah, I know the circle design in PL's zine you were talking about. I threw up and can't see it anymore because I threw up on the zine. Strange circle.

The "I shot a man in Reno (just to watch him die)" is from Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" song, if someone hasn't told you yet.

They had a tennis exhibition match at the Manatee Civic Center when it opened last January. Jimmy Arias and Ille Nasty. It wasn't a living classic by any means, I am told, but Nasty did tell one of our photographers that if he toold one more picture of him while he was serving, that he'd shove his camera up his ass.

If I remember correctly, Keith recorded "98.6" and left the studio. It became a big hit and the producers were looking for him for weeks before finally finding him. He had another hit after that. I have the sheet music to "98.6." Keith Allison was the "Paul McCartney'' lookalike on "Where the Action Is."

Paul Simon wrote "Red Rubber Ball," although he isn't fond of it. Let's see, name two songs that were hits for a group and were later rerecorded released and made hits again by the group's singer/writer as a solo act. Hmmm. The only one that comes to mind is ''Let' Love One Another Right Now" by the Youngbloods and later a hit for Jesse Colin Young. But he didn't write it (and, in fact, it was a hit for the Kingston Trio years before). Nope, you got me.

You mean that Larry Bruin didn't write an LOC on your zine again? Well that guy should be he should be locked in a room with Joan Collins for seven days and 'seven nights.

Re: you response to the letter on your dog bite. Having taken umpteen calls as a reporter for years and years, I can assure you that almost everyone has trouble telling what they've seen without adding to it. For example, I've gotten calls about a fire destroying a house, only to get to the scene and finding it was a kitchen fire that blackened the stove top. Or one call I got about a car that went in a canal and the lady swore that she saw at least three people dead in the water. I got there and found the car had slipped it's gears while parked. No one was in the car, much less the water. Which leads me to the letter. If that guy had a dog in his office that runs loose, he deserved to get his assssssss sued. But he never address that in his "complaint." Like it's common for the owner of a business to have a dog in his building, wandering free.

And if you had delivered his mail to the box, while delivering everyone else's to their office, he would have been the first to bitch about you not treating him like everyone else.

Gosh, I think that's the first time I've seen you sign your last name (you sign all your letters "Alan," or "Fenwick," or "Prince."),' unless it was on a check you wrote me.

OKAY! Eight pages of mailing comments, a cover swiped from Mike Peters and two staples. What more could you ask for?

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