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The zine is made of "MC-S" (mailing comments) referring to previous mailing #123 and current mailing #124. This page contains PLCM's publishing info and address; the MCs begin with SFPA Mailing #123. 

According to Harvard's Houghton Library blog entry, "Fanzines of Southern APAs" by Emilie Hardman, the mailing comments served as "conversations" similar to leaving comments on bulletin boards. Comments in this issue ranged from critique of artwork and openly defending herself to sharing an easy-to-make recipe and recommending a movie to watch. She was a newlywed who recently moved with her husband and fellow SFPA member Larry Montgomery from Colorado to Alabama and seemed to be adjusting to being a housewife. 

Throughout, PCLM has many deliberate "strikeouts" which are actually revealing what she "meant to say" either in jest or to "whisper" the real context. We still see the strikeout convention in today's blogs.  Also, "re yr ct" in her comments are noting that she is referring a comment that the member made about a different member (ie. re yr ct Larry = in response to your comment about Larry).

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