Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 2-3


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 2-3


Transformers fanfiction


-The second page includes a faded image of a Transformer standing up, while the latter page gives a review by robo_rob on the good bad and the ugly of the Transformers line Robot Masters.




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Good bad and the ugly- Robot Masters
Beginning is summer 2004, Takara began a new Transformers line called Robot Masters. This line seems
to follow the path of the Hasbro line Transformers Universe. Basically providing a mix of greatest hits and
expanded universe characters vehicle. The line features repainted toys from prior lines as new characters
from different times and dimensions. Also are new toy molds which are intended to be sort of the
Transformers all stars. The new molds are smaller imitations of prior toys with some differences. A good
The Robot Masters story takes place in the Scramble City time of Japanese G1. Convoy (Optimus Prime) is
attacked by a Destron (Decepticons) from another era known as Beast Megatron (Beast Wars Megatron).
Starscream and a number of Destrons team up with these Destrons from another time (the Beast Wars) and
battle Convoy and the Cybertrons (Autobots) whom are aided by Cybertrons from the Beast Wars era such
as Beast Convoy (Optimus Primal). As the story progresses a new powerful energy source comes into play
know as Solitarium. More characters from other eras slowly join the fight, thus setting the stage for a fun
Transformers toy line/storyline.
Cartoon accurate versions of characters such as Beast Wars Megaton having the ability to take the pincer
weapon of his left arm, giving him the ability to hold a rifle and emulate his character from the series more.
Not to mention new toys based on older and more hard to get toys. Such as the Star Saber and Victory Leo
toys. These toys are smaller and more articulated versions of the classic characters while retaining all the
classic charm of the originals. They call even combine to form Victory Saber! Figures also come with
additional firepower. Cybertrons come with chrome guns reminiscent of the weapons from early G1. The
Destrons weapons can be combined to form an ultimate weapon type device. The repainted toys are
sometimes direct homage’s to older figures, or exciting new deco on interesting new characters. Psycho Orb
is one of my favorites in this category. To top it off, a new Mac Guffin of sorts. Solitarium a new and
powerful energy source. This could result in some fun works of fiction both official and fan made.
The bad-
The new molds tend to have less than stellar plastic. The Beast Megatrons toy has problems holding
together in his robot mode due to the plastic grade not making secure connections. Also the paint
applications are lacking a bit. Could definitely use more for extra detail. Star Sabers sword is made from an
extremely soft plastic that is prone to break easily. The Convoy toy is a good representation of how he
appeared in the classic TV series, however the truck mode is just flat out ugly. So the bad is: not everything
is perfect with these toys. Not to mention as of this writing the fiction has been limited to pack i11 comics,
pack in DVDs and TV Magazine spreads. So while it is an interesting story with lot’s of potential. There is
not a lot of substance.
The ugly-
The price. These are toys meant for the Japanese market. So getting them in America or other countries can
be an ordeal. You can buy them from most online toy shops at a high price which obviously covers the price
of importing and adding something for profit. You can buy them from Japanese based stores such as Hobby
Link Japan. While the price for the toy will be more like what you would pay at Wal*Mart, the cost of
shipping will bring it close to the cost of the online stores in the country. Not to mention the wait is going to
be longer than ordering it from say Big Bad Toy Store.
Overall the Robot Masters are a filn line and will be appreciated by fans. However they are not as perfect as
you would want them to be. This being said, I do own most of the toys so obviously I like them. However I
cannot promise you would like them. I would suggest playing around with one a friend of yours might own
or at the next Transformers convention you attend if you are skeptical about buying them. I say as long as
you don’t expect perfection and use “baby fingers” with some of the parts, you’ll enjoy them.

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