Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 4-5


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 4-5


Transformers fanfiction


-Includes another review by robo_rob on the Transformer toy model Ricochet with Nightstick, as well as the beginning of the fan story, Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, by Trixter, introducing the character Nightstalker in the plot.




Doug Dlin



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Transfomers Gl Commemorative series IX Ricochet with Nightstick
During the heyday of classic Transformers, in Japan to increase the number of toys in the ‘Headmasters’
line. Takara gave two classic Autobot figures a re-deco, a Targetmaster partner, and released them as new
characters. Artfire (made from the Inferno toy mold) and Stepper (made from the Jazz toy mold). These two
figures were never sold in America and the demand for them has always been high. For one they are both
new characters as apposed to existing characters with a new look, second they look cool. Stepper, the more
popular of the two, was recently re-released in Japans popular Gl re-release line. Not one to be out done,
Hasbro put Stepper in their American Commemorative re-release series, exclusive to Toys ‘r’ Us retail
chain. Given a new name as Stepper is not the most exciting name in American culture, Ricochet was
chosen. This name was more exciting as well as matched the Targetmaster gimmick. Oddly enough, Hasbro
named his Targetmaster companion Nightstick. Which is also the name of Targetmaster Cyclonus’s
Ricochet is pretty much the same toy as Jazz, except his is a black Porsche with flame graphics and gold
trim. A hole near the rear spoiler allows Nightstick to be attached in gun mode. Nightsticks black deco
matches perfectly and adds to the look. Transformers Ricochet has a gold face with a white helmet as well
as gold feet. These are the only changes from the Jazz deco on the robot parts. The black with flames look
works well on this mold and really looks like a new character. Ricochet can either hold Nightstick’s gun
form in his hand, or on his shoulder via mounting piece. Ricochet also comes with the laser rifle and
shoulder mounted launcher that was included with Jazz. Of course the launcher has the extended American
toy standards missiles, but the chrome is colored gold to match the deco. If you want to use the should
launcher, Nightstick must be held as there is not room for both. However the image of Ricochet holding
both his guns as well as the missile launcher mounted on his shoulder fil’s his Function, a gunner.
l recommend this set to those who have always wanted the Stepper toy, but didn’t want to pay the high
aftermarket cost of a Stepper toy. If the longer missiles caused by the change in child safety laws bug you,
the Takara Stepper re-issue has the classic short ones. This is a fun toy and his character is a nice change
fiom the standard generic Autobot good doer. According to his bio, Ricochet is something of a jerk and a
excellent shot. Nice to somebody other than Grimlock being difficult to work with.




The echoing, metallic rattle of an opening trapdoor at the back of a shadow-drenched
alley cut through the stillness of the Cybertronian night. In the empty, neon-lit darkness, a
young Maximal stuck her head up through the opening and looked around nervously,
listening and smelling as much as seeing. Satisfied that all was clear, she silently pulled
herself up to ground level. The sleek black fur and blue and silver metal of her lean
technorganic body shone in the faint lights from the abandoned buildings that towered
over her. She rose to her feet and paused again, her bright blue eyes darting from side to
side. After making sure the motion of her ascent hadn‘t alerted anyone lurking in the
shadows to her presence, she shifted in a halo of blue light to her panther altmode. It
impressed her as always how much more of her heightened animal senses were carried
over to her robot mode in this new body, making the change from one mode to another
less jarring than before. She sniffed the air one last time, then with an etherial feline grace
slowly approached the mouth of the alleyway.
Keeping to the shadows, the Maximal sun/eyed the scene ahead of her. It was the same as
every night on this patrol. The street and buildings were still lit by mechanisms too old
and ingrained to be destroyed by a simple war, but the structures themselves were
completely devoid of life. The street so many of her fellow Cybertrons had passed down,
the buildings so many had lived and worked and played in, now were all desolate. All that
was left were the tiny pockets of survivors, those who had miraculously survived both the
virus and the waves after waves of attacking drones that had followed it, and all of them
put together wouldn't be enough to fill these streets again. She sighed as she listened to
the silence. She didn't know what was sadder, what had happened or how quickly she had
gotten used to it. The stillness was welcome to her now. The rumble of the tank drones,
the buzz of the cycle drones, the roar of the jet drones, those were the only sounds there
were anymore, and those always meant trouble.
Contented by the silence, the young Maximal relaxed, checking her chronometer. She
instinctively groomed herself, then started off down the street, staying in the shadows
beside the tall buildings. These patrols had become more and more necessary of late, and
tonight Snarl had almost everyone in their group out doing them. As more survivors

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