Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 6-7


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 6-7


Transformers fanfiction


-Continues the fan story Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, this section follows Nightstalker as she is searching for fellow survivors as well as patrolling for potential enemies.




Doug Dlin



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joined their group, and as they finally started honing their abilities to the point where they
could actually destroy the drones, it seemed Megatron was stepping up his own patrols,
trying to locate and finish off the last stragglers before they became even more of a threat.
Not that she minded being on patrol all that much. She had the tiniest twinge of
claustrophobia, and being cooped up underground for mega-cycles at a time got to her.
She looked up at the sky as she walked, padding soundlessly along the street. The
Cybertronian night sky was always a welcome sight. The stars shone, hundreds upon
hundreds of them, bright as lasers and infinitely more beautiful. And the moon, even the
poor moon with its gashes was a breathtaking vision after nothing but ceilings. And she
had other reasons for wanting to be out at night.
She turned a comer, following her patrol route, and a clearing opened across the street. It
had once been a beautiful garden park, scattered with statues and monuments to great
Autobot and Maximal heroes of wars past. Now it was little more than a barren clearing
scattered with rubble, even the great figure of Optimus Prime himself in the center
destroyed by the tank drones. Calling up the chronometer on her visual display again, she
ducked into her usual alleyway across from the park and sat back on her haunches,
watching the park attentively. After a moment she made out a movement in the sky, a
barely-discernable flapping of wings that grew to become the form of a majestically
soaring eagle. As she watched, invisible in the shadows of the alley, the great bird
swooped down and came to rest on top of a pile of rubble at the edge of the park nearest
her. The hidden Maximal's heart raced at how close he had landed tonight. On her very
first patrol she had discovered this unreformatted Maximal flying his own patrol around
the city, but Snarl had told her their group wasn't ready to start making contact with the
other survivors around the planet, so for the moment she was content to watch him as,
every night, he took a moment to rest in the rubble of the park. She watched fiom the
shadows as he preened, wondering as always who he was and what he was like. In her
mind she had already daydreamed him into a great, handsome hero, and she always
watched closely for the slightest gesture or mannerism that would confirm this.
As she watched he suddenly stopped his grooming and looked over at her hiding place,
head cocked. Startled, she held her breath, hoping he hadn't actually seen her. She knew it
was almost impossible, given her ability to blend into the shadows, but as she stared into
his eyes she felt he really was looking back at her. She realized in the eternal moment she
was locked in his gaze that he had been moving closer and closer to her hiding spot for
the past several nights, almost as if he had been testing her. Was he afraid she'd be
hostile? There had been a handful of scuffles between some surviving Maximals and
Predacons, so she could understand his distrust. But was she just imagining that he knew
she was there?
Then he jerked his head away, and the moment was gone. The young Maximal couldn't
see what he was looking at from the alley, but suddenly she realized what had caught his
attention. A low buzzing sound, growing louder by the nanocycle- race car drones. She
sat frozen there, hoping the combination of her beast mode and the shadows would keep

her, relieved to see him spared further harm but knowing her dark aura wouldn't throw off
their aim for much longer. She prepared another blast as they transformed, levelling their
arm-mounted missle launchers at her. Just as she began to aim she heard the sound of
another missle firing behind her and threw herself to the ground. The lead drone‘s
projectile whistled over her head and hit one of the other robots, exploding spectacularly.
"One down," she muttered to herself as she tried to shield the injured eagle from the
downfall of drone scrap. But it was scant relief. She knew she was in tactically the worst
position possible, with enemies on both sides and no way to retreat to cover. But she had
to try. Still covering the other Maximal, she raised her head to make a quick asessment of
the situation. The lead drone, though heavily damamged, was now staggering toward her
in robot mode, its remaining missle at the ready. The other drone, though not nearly as
wrecked, had been thrown into a wall by the explosion that had destroyed its companion
and seemed to be having trouble getting back on its feet. Knowing she only had the tiniest
of moments to act and that an ammo explosion would do far more damage than she could
ever hope to do herself, she lept smoothly to her feet and took aim at the lead drone‘s
remaining missle. Or, at least, she aimed where his missle had been. Instead of firing on
her the drone had fallen to the ground, pierced by a dozen laser bolts. She spun around
just in time to see the other drone drop in a smoking heap behind her.
She looked around frantically, trying to find her savior, and finally looked up to see the
skeletal wings of an orange and purple pterosaur cutting through the smoke. With a sigh
of relief she called up to him. “Skydive! I need your help down here!"
Nightstalker returned her attention to the eagle as the newcomer spiraled down and
shifted in a flash of orange light to land on his robot-mode feet beside her. The eagle had
fallen unconscious during the battle, doubtless as a merciful escape from the pain of his
injuries. She looked up at her tall, thin comrade with pleading desperation. "We have to
get him back to the base. He'll die if he's not Reformatted soon!"
Skydive stood sternly over her, arms crossed. “Snarl is not going to be happy about you
bringing another straggler into our base after he specifically forbade it, Nightstalker."
The feline Maximal sighed, letting her shoulders sag. "I know, I know. Primus, do I
know. But we can't just leave him here to die!"
"You can't, maybe,“ Skydive replied coldly.
Her eyes narrowed. "If you're going to be a Maximal, you have to act like one,“ she
scolded. Nightstalker stood challengingly. Her head only came halfway up his chest, but
she stared up at him with all the determination her own lithe body could muster.
"Maximals never leave others to die. Snarl will understand."
"But we know nothing about him!" he argued. "He could be an agent of Megatron, or a
destructive force in his own right. We run a great risk taking him into our base."

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