Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 8-9


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 8-9


Transformers fanfiction


-Continues the fan story Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, this section follows Nightstalker and her Transformer allies hiding from enemy Transformers.




Doug Dlin



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them from detecting her. Her eagle friend, however, had no such concerns for stealth. He
took to the air in a flurry of wings and feathers, glancing back quickly as he rose. She
bounded to the mouth of the alleyway to watch him go and was greeted by the high, sharp
sound of laser fire. She instinctively pulled back, then realized they weren't shooting at
her. She looked up to see the bright laser bolts cutting through the night sky, their searing
red light illuminating the eagle as he frantically dipped and turned, trying to make himself
a hard target for the mindless drones. The panther stood transfixed, praying to whatever
deity Cybertron might have still watching over it in these dark days that he make it safely
away from these Vehicons.
But if Cybertron did still have a patron god it chose to ignore her plea. As she watched in
horror a stray blast shot through his wing, halting his erratic flight long enough for the
drones to get a targeting lock and fire off a volley of laser fire that tore through his body
and sent him spiraling to the ground.
And the young panther knew what she had to do. Leaving all pretenses of stealth behind,
she tore through the abandoned city streets to where the eagle had fallen, racing with all
her feline speed to get to him before the Vehicons did. Neon lights blurred around her as
she sped to his side, the engines of the drones growing louder and louder as she ran.
Finally she turned a corner and found him lying on his side in the middle of the street,
mech-fluids leaking slowly onto the road surface. Her heart ached at the sight of so
majestic a creature lying there, injured, bleeding, quite possibly dead. She moved quickly
but carefully to his side, hoping for at least a chance to see if he was still alive before the
Vehicons arrived. Transforming to her robot mode, she knelt beside him. She: touched the
wing that was covering most of him, revelling for a tiny moment in the softness of his
feathers. She bent over to look at his face and suddenly a panicked eye shot open. She
jerked back slightly, then sighed with relief. "Be still," she whispered to him, aware that
the drones were almost upon them. "I'm Nightstalker. I'm...a friend. Just trust me, okay?“
He nodded slightly, stiffly, and she noticed his eyes seemed calmer.
Nightstalker brushed her hand over his feathers one more time, steeling herself for the
fight, then rose. She turned back the way she came, to the corner the drones would be
tearing around any moment, and took a few steps away from the eagle. The young
Maximal closed her own eyes and concentrated, calling upon all her recent training to
summon up the ability that had been the Oracle's gift with her Reformatted body. The air
around her grew dark as she drew the light energy into herself, concentrating and
amplifying it with her own power. Ready to attack, she half-opened her eyes just in time
to see the lead car race around the corner. She clasped her hands and channeled the
energy through her pointing fingers, letting loose a laser blast at the car's vulnerable front
axle. Her shot hit home, blowing off a tire and sending the drone careening into a
building with a tremendous crash. But before she could determine if the lead car was still
functional two more shot into view, guns blazing. She braced herself, trying to protect the
eagle as best she could from the onslaught of the Vehicons. The first volley of plasma
mines exploded all around her, sending a rain of pulverized pavement in every direction
as they buzzed by, flanking them. The Maximal glanced down at the prone form behind

shield their eyes. As the light began to fade, Snarl, his work finished, fell back into
Fireflights waiting arms, overcome with exhaustion. All the Maximals present looked up
to see the Reformatted eagle. His form was basically as it had been, but his brown
feathers were shot through with broad strokes of red and blue. Nightstalker broke the
silence with a sigh of relief as she rose to welcome the new Maximal to their ranks.
And then, waking to find himself fully-functional and surrounded by strangers, the eagle
"Hey, wait!" Nightstalker called after him as he took off into the shadows of the corridor.
She transformed to panther mode and raced after him.
Snarl struggled to his feet. "Nightstalker, don't!" He moved to transform into his own lion
mode, but Fireflight stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.
"She's faster than you on a good day, Snarl. No way you're going to catch her now." He
let out a frustrated growl. "She's a big girl. She can take care of herself."
"l hope you're right."
The cavernous hallway was nearly pitch-dark, but darkness was her specialty. The silence
with which she padded through the tunnel was broken only by her occasional call.
"Hello? I'm not going to hurt you!" But the only reply was her own echo. She stopped to
sniff the stale air again. The young Maximal hadn't completely gotten the hang of tracking
by scent, but she could tell she was still on the trail.
She took another step forward and was stopped by a weak cry from the mouth of an
adjoining tunnel ahead of her. "Go away!"
Nightstalker froze, feline senses alert. "I just want to help you," she offered.
"You already helped me. Thank you. Now please, go away."
She sighed. "It's not safe to be out on your own. You've seen that now. Please, come back
with me."
The eagle laughed bitterly. "You wouldn't ask that if you knew. You'd probably kill me
yourself. "
She began walking silently toward his voice. "What have you done that's so terrible?
We're not a bunch of innocents. Whatever you've done, someone among us can probably
"You don't understand," he cried miserably. "This whole thing, Megatron's conquest of

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