Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 10-11


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 10-11


Transformers fanfiction


-Continues the fan story Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, this section displays Nightstalker helping one of her fellow Transformers who is trapped and injured.




Doug Dlin



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"l knew nothing about you, save that you were a Predacon,“ she pointed out quietly,
turning back to the fallen eagle. "And I still helped you." She looked back over her
shoulder at him, eyes once again soft. “Please, Skydive?"
He sighed and uncrossed his arms. "Fine, fine. But if any harm comes of this, let it be on
the record that I was completely against it."
“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in!" greeted a harsh but laughing voice as
Nightstalker and Skydive struggled to carry the still-unconscious eagle through the
doorway to the cavernous underground room the small group of survivors called home.
Nightstalker turned to find two more of them, already done with their own patrol shifts,
sitting nearby on a stack of metal scrap. It had been the short, stocky, and widely grinning
Jawbreaker who had spoken.
The taller and decidedly more feminine Fireflight chided him as she looked up from
cleaning her sword. "Don‘t kid around, he's seriously hurt!" Setting her weapon down
gingerly beside her, she stood and approached the injured Maximal. Jawbreaker stood and
followed her lead.
"Where‘s Snarl?" Nightstalker asked desperately as Fireflight joined her kneeling beside
the eagle, the moth wings on her shoulders brushing the groud. "He‘s dying!"
"He‘s down that way, with Longhorn," she answered, gesturing to the long corridor that
opened up halfway down the length of the room. "Skydive, go tell him to come out here.
We can't risk moving him any more. Jawbreaker, go cover the entryway. All the time they
spent in robot mode bringing him down here the Vehicons could have used to track them
back here."
But the commotion itself was enough to bring their leader out into the main hall, with
Longhorn close behind. "What's going on...?" he began, but before he could finish his
query he saw the unconscious eagle on the floor and knew the answer. “Another one...“ he
whispered to himself as he rushed to join the group at the eagle‘s side.
Nightstalker looked up at him as he reached them. “I didn't have a choice, Snarl. He was
attacked by Vehicons. He‘s dying. "
Her words were unnecessary. Snarl could feel his Spark weakening within his battered
body. But it was still strong enough to save. "Get back!" he growled urgently. Those
tending to the eagle backed away, leaving Snarl room to kneel beside him. He laid his
palms on the soaked, matted feathers and concentrated, channeling the Oracle's energy,
the energy he himself had been Reformatted by, the energy he had channeled once before
when they had found Jawbreaker in this same condition. Snarl roared as the power
coursed through his body. The eagle's fonn was consumed by a bright, starkly white light
that filled the room with a luminescence so intense the other Maximals were forced to

this world, it's all my fault... It's all because I failed!"
"How do you figure that?" She was almost at the mouth of the hallway, and he seemed
too wrapped up in his own emotions to notice her voice growing closer. "How did your
failure cause this?"
"I was one of the Magnaboss."
"The Magnaboss?" This was enough to make her pause for a moment. "The guardians of
the Maximal Elders‘? You're...Silverbolt?" It did make sense, in a way. It explained why
he already had an Earthen beast mode, for instance. The members of the Magnaboss had
such changeforms as a matter of tradition, taken from the same database of genetic
information that she had broken into to give beast forms to her teammates. "But we
thought the Magnaboss had been killed!"
The same bitter laugh as before echoed through the corridor again. "So did Megatron. The
virus left us not only unable to transform but unable to combine as well, and seperated in
beast mode the Vehicon horde easily overtook us. We all failed to protect the Elders, but
unlike Ironhide and Prowl I didn't even die trying."
“What happened to you? How did you survive?"
"I was caught in an explosion and thrown onto a rooftop several blocks away. I guess I
was close enough to dead that the Vehicons ignored me to concentrate on their real target.
Eventually my internal repair system brought me back online, but when I woke up..."
"I know," Nightstalker said solemnly as she reached the mouth of his hiding place,
looking in to find him huddled against the wall, tears forming in the corners of his newly
technorganic eyes. But this time he didn't try to run. "You saw what the rest of us saw.
You saw that the planet had become...what it is now. A wasteland."
“Everyone was gone. Ironhide and Prowl, the friends... Megatron had already
began rebuilding the old Council building into his personal fortress. And there were so
many drones..."
Nightstalker nodded. "And then you felt something drawing you here to Omitrax."
He finally looked up at her. "Yes. Just this overwhelming sense that there was something
here I should fmd. That's why I came. felt the same thing?"
“I was already here," she said, shaking her head. "Me and Skydive were both already
living here when Megatron took over. I found him fighting some drones and helped him
escape, and then we hid until Snarl found us. But some of the others came from different
cities, drawn here by the same feeling."

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