Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 12-13


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 12-13


Transformers fanfiction


-Includes the conclusion to the fan story Transformers Beast Machines Alpha: Patrol, focusing on a final dialogue and including the image of a dragon Maximal Transformers, as well as a page listing the books Epoch of the Cybertron #0-0 and Botcon Legends for sale.




Doug Dlin



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"So this think it‘s drawn me here to your team?"
“I know it has. There are forces trying to fight against Megatron, forces bigger than any of
us, and all of us who managed to survive this, we're all in it together. Please come back
with me."
He sighed. "Fine," he said. "If you'll have me, I'll join you. On one condition. On the way
back, explain What in the Pit your friend did to heal me."


by Makoto Ito (STARS 104A)
32 pp., b&w with color cover, saddle-stitched
$3.95 postpaid within the U.S.
EPOCH #0-0 contains the story "Universe of Primacron," the prologue episode in an
exploration of the TFs‘ prehistory. In the G] -series third-season episode “Call of the
Primitives," we were introduced to the character Primacron, who was revealed to have
been the creator of Unicron. But what were Primacron's origins? How did he get to be so
powerful? And what were his other connections to the Transformers?
Originally printed in Antarctic Press ‘s DOJINSHI #2, the story's current version is a
higher quality printing, with new dialogue and a "bilingual" format. Along with the story,
there are various author's comments, a few design illos, original TFU-style profiles and a
special Reader Survey. **Be sure to fill this out and send it in to to the author when you
get your copy! He really wants to hear back from non-Japanese Transfans!

Botcon Legends
By Fumihiko Akiyama
Size: 72 pages, 8.25" (21 cm) x ll.75" (29.7 cm)
Interior: (color) matte, (b&w) book paper
Binding: Squarebound
Price: U.S.$15.00 plus postage. (See below)
Fresh off the press just before OTF CC '04, this book is a retrospective
of every BotCon--American, Japanese, and European--all the way up
through BotCon 2004. Put together by Fumihiko Akiyama, highly devoted
Japanese TF fan (and organizer of BotCon Japan), it contains tons of
photos and commentary on all the BotCons--guests, exclusives, displays,
activities...memories galore! There's so much info, it‘s even on the
inside covers! There's also sidebars on the big TF developments that
took place each year, summaries of the BotCon-exclusive fictions, and
fan-bios of BotCon founders Jon and Karl Hartman.
And if that weren‘t enough, this new edition now also features a
full-color front cover by Hirofumi Ichikawa ("Linkage" mini-comic from
TF: MICRON LEGEND DVDs, TF: CHRONICLES dojinshi, various bios for
e-Hobby exclusive TF5, design for TFs like Energon Divebomb and Wing
Saber), twelve extra pages in FULL COLOR--oh, and an article on the MSTF
idiocy by yours truly. All text (with the exception of four pages) is
in both English and Japanese, so there's no need to run for the
international dictionary.

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