Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 16-17


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Georgia Transfans Special, Issue 1, Page 16-17


Transformers fanfiction


-Includes a final review by robo_rob on the paper back Transformers the War Within, Volume 2, as well as an image of a Transformer with a weapon, serving as the mascot for the Georgia Transfans group and includes information on how to join the group.




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Transformers The War Within volume 2 trade paper back

A few years ago a small comic company called Dreamwave obtained the Transformers comic book license
and ran with it. Beginning with a mini series focusing on G1 classic characters and starting a new continuity
for the original stars of Transformers. Shortly after the ongoing comic series Transformers Armada (now
knows as Transformers Energon) began. Not much longer afier that, the mini series Transformers The War
Within began shipping to comic stores. Of course this was just the beginning of Dreamwave assaulting the
shelves of comic shops with Transformers related titles (Of course no one can blame Dreamwave for
creating so many TF books. Their non TF comics are usually dead on arrival). Written by Simon Furman,
TFWW was a look back in time before Optimus and his crew left Cybertron. It featured new Cybertron
based alt mode designs for the classic cast. These were definitely eye catching designs. The story focuses on
the rise of Megatron and Optimus Prime. The story was full of Autobots doubting the abilities of their new
commander and self doubt from Prime. As the story drew to a close, Optimus not only earned the respect of
his peers, he also gave Megatron a solid defeat.
In volume 2 ‘The Dark Ages’ Optimus Prime and Megatron go missing via a space bridge. To further the
situation, many bots have defected from their respected groups and formed their own small armed forces.
With what’s left of the Autobots, Prowl (now in command) leads a group to a sector where Ultracon
(Former Decepticons led by Ratbat) activity has been detected. Many familiar faces show up as small
guerilla battles are breaking out. The Wreckers, led by Springer, try to end a massive fight between
Devastator and Defensor. The Predacons, led by Starscream, are engaged in battles with the Lightning
Strike Coalition, Grimlocks pre Dinobot team. While the fighting is going on, nobody notices three
Decepticons have made an alliance with a mysterious and powerful robot known only as ‘the fallen‘. The
Fallen leads the three Cons to gather four specific Transformers to use in a ceremony to inflict a new age of
darkness on Cybertron. The Autobot Jetfire returns fiom a mission and begins investigating the strange
occurrences on his planet.
The Dark Ages was written by Simon Furman long time scribe of Transformers fiction and certainly a fan
favorite. Andrew Wildman, whom was a fan favorite artist from the Marvel G1 days, did the art for the
series. While some fans claim this mini series was weak compared to the first installment, I found myself
enjoying it much more. The trade paper back edition has nice chapter breaks between issues as well as
conceptual art in the back. This is a well made book and reads much easier than the six separate issues
which made up the mini series. I found the story to be a treat, combined with the art of Wildman. It felt as if
though I had traveled back in time. This book read as a classic Transformers story arc. The little quips from
bots during the fights were definitely enjoyable. I would strongly recommend picking this book up as I
found it to be a solid Transformers story with a bit of Transformers mythology thrown in for good measure.
It’s a little slow paced, which is what I believe hurt its impression of readers during it’s initial run. However
together in one book, it all flows together nicely. If you find yourself wary of the purchase, maybe a good
flip through at the book store would be the best suggestion. However I stand by my opinion, this is a good
Transformers story.


A social group and email list? for Transformers fans of
any age and generation.

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