Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #2


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Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #2


Science Ficition Fanzine


A fanzine centered around the Sime Gen Universe.


Ann Pinzow, Jean Airey, Judy Segal, Kerry Schaefer


Georgia Tech Archives: Science Fiction Fanzines Collection:




Mani Japra, Collin Richards, Emmanuel Fregene, Ella Sivertsen


Copyright 1984 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. All rights reserved to Jacqueline Lichten- berg except where otherwise noted and arranged by prior agreement. All original artwork remains the property of its creator. All letters received by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Anne Pinzow, Jean Airey, or Kerry Schaefer will be considered potentially publishable material and will be treated as such, unless the writer specifically requests they not be quoted. Publication does not constitute endorsement by the staff of Ambrov Zeor.




Science Fiction





First, before I begin this mea culpa, I want to welcome all of you new readers
and old friends back to Ambrov Zeor. It's been two years since the last printing
and it feels good to get back into doing this again.

Now the apology, which,by Jacqueline's standards of making an apology,should be at
least ten pages long, but in the interest of space, time and money, shall be as
short as I feel I can write, while getting everything in of importance.

.e 10
I'm sorry I took so long to do this.101010 That should cover the first few pages
anyway. Now for the éfi¢fi$¢s reasons for this long delay. First and foremost, a
fantastic purpose came into my life, HELPLINE. It's a column I began to write for

a local daily newspaper and it has virtually grown me up in many ways I don't think

I would have ever been able to grow otherwise. The column is well into its second

year and has taken me from one end of the human psyche to the other. For
those who don't know what HEIPLINE is about, it's about self-help, volunteer and
service organizations. To give you just a bit of an idea of what that can cover, my
week of work so far has included writing two articles about the Mid-Hudson Rural
Migrant Workers Ministry, The Rockland County Divorce Mediation Council and the
Teenage Suicide Hotlinet that's two articles about the first, setting up interviews
for each of the parties concerned in the second (which includes having to work on
Sunday and Thursday night), and preparing myself for whatever may come of the third.
About a year ago when I did an article on the Epilepsy Foundation, the local
representative stated that I was probably one of the few people who could think of

the subject of Epilepsy as an up. She was probably right, however, while I've been
dealing with the problems, mental, emotional and physical, of the people in my
community, I've also taken a wild trip through my own psyche and have met some strange
people in my self.

Enough of-_ that reason. The next is ESOTERICON. For those of you who have heandoF
and attended it, I need say no more. For those of you who hadn't, either yourheads
were in the sand or you've been off planet for about two years, or you are very new
to fandom. I did a very foolish thing; I sponsored and chaired a convention which
dealt with the esoteric roots to science, fiction, religion, mundanity...In short it
was a modern day Avalon. It was a roaring success and I learned a great deal from
chairing it. I don't want to ever chair a convention again. However, it took a great
big two year chunk out of my life.

Those are the best reasons I can come up with for this delay. mmever,not to cheat
myself of any sympathy or forgiveness that might be out there I'll add the following:
I've been working towards my master's degree: I have to work a 37% hour a week job
so that I can live; there have been deaths, divorces, births and marriages in my
family which have all taken their toll;and I'm moving in two weeks. This last bit

of info is to let you all know that the Ambrov Zeor address will remain the same,
however, if you wish TO ORDER AMBROV ZEOR you will have to write to Kerry Schaefer:
Village Green, South Shore Drive, P.O. Box 39, South Yarmouth, Mass. 02664. If you
wish to contact me, my new address is PENDULUMfiS POINT$26 Cleveland Street, Pearl River
New York, 10965. Yes, I'm still managing editor: it hasn't gotten to me yetlthough,
If anybody out there would like to lend a hand) they would be most welcome.

Oh yes, Kerry is also our new letter cblumn editor. Katie has taken up Forum and
has become our computer expert, so she finds no more time available for this task.
The rest of the staff remains the same.

So, without further ado, we present AMBROV ZEOR 1,2,3.

PS. A NOTE OF EXPLANATION IN READING AMBROV ZEOR 1,2,3. You will see two numbers for
pages on the pages themselves in the table of contents. The larger numbers are the
real page numbers. The smaller ones will be found along the sides of pages to indicate
where pages began and ended in the first printing of the 'zines.

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