Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #19


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Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #19


Science Ficition Fanzine


A fanzine centered around the Sime Gen Universe.


Ann Pinzow, Jean Airey, Judy Segal, Kerry Schaefer


Georgia Tech Archives: Science Fiction Fanzines Collection:




Mani Japra, Collin Richards, Emmanuel Fregene, Ella Sivertsen


Copyright 1984 by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. All rights reserved to Jacqueline Lichten- berg except where otherwise noted and arranged by prior agreement. All original artwork remains the property of its creator. All letters received by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Anne Pinzow, Jean Airey, or Kerry Schaefer will be considered potentially publishable material and will be treated as such, unless the writer specifically requests they not be quoted. Publication does not constitute endorsement by the staff of Ambrov Zeor.




Science Fiction




This is only a small list and includes the most basic terms of Simelan and the Sime/Gen
phenomenon. More terms will be included in future issues.

ambrov - pledged to (a Householding)
‘ Ancient - the human‘race before the Sixne/Gen differentiation.
attrition - the complete and fatal exhaustion of selyn in a Sime's body; basically it is death
by starvation.
augmentation - the above- normal use of selyn by a Sime, giving increased speed and strength,
similar to a voluntary adrenalin surge.

berserker ~ a Sime crazed by first need at changeover.
breakout — the emergence of the Sime tentacles at Maturation Stage Seven of changeover.

changeover - the development of an adolescent into a Sime.

channel - a Sime submutation; a Sime capable of taking selyn from a Gen without killing and
transferring that selyn to another Sime.

Companion— a selynvdonor especially trained to serve a channel's needs.

disjunction - the process of separating a Sime from the kill.
dynopter - a unit of measure of selyn quantity.

egobliss - the undescribable thrill experienced by a junct Sime in taking selyn from - and
killing - a terror- filled, defiant Gen.
entran - a condition of cramps and convulsions experienced by a channel when his secondary
selyn systems are not used.
establishment - the tiaditional name for the beginning of selyn production in an adolescent,
confirming his Gen adulthood. -

fosbine - a drug used to treat transfer shock; an all—purpose analgesic with mild curative

Gen - a producer-of selyn; short for "Generator".

Householding - an organization of channels, renSimes and Gens similar to feudal manors or
allegiance systems.

intil - the psychological component of need.

junct - a Sime addicted or accustomed to the kill.
disjunct — see above
nonjunct - a Sime who has never killed, but always received selyn from a channel, or
who is a channel.

killrnode-- loss of transfer restraint; the surrender of a Sime to predatory instinct.

nager - an emanation or aura perceptible to Simes, caused by selyn in motion.

Naztehr - Householding term applied to sworn Gen members

need - the sensation experienced by a Sime when selyn reserves are running low.

renSime - a Sime who is not a channel.

ronaplin - a selyn-conducting substance produced by glands above the Sime lateral tentacles.

Sectuib — administrative head of a Householding; the position is inherited by the oldest channel
offspring of the Sectuib's family.

selyn - the basic biologic energy of life itself.

selyur nager - the mark of the Donor; the ability to harmonize the rate of change of the nager
with the Sime' s selyn consumptive rate.

shiltpron - a Sime musical instrument.

Sime — one who needs, but does not produce, selyn for basic metabolism.

Tecton - an organization dedicated to the furthering of Sirne/Gen mutual co- -existence through the
channels. 16

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