Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #79


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Ambrov Zeor. Issues 1-3. Page #79


Science Ficition Fanzine


A fanzine centered around the Sime Gen Universe.


Ann Pinzow, Jean Airey, Judy Segal, Kerry Schaefer


Georgia Tech Archives: Science Fiction Fanzines Collection:




Mani Japra, Collin Richards, Emmanuel Fregene, Ella Sivertsen




Science Fiction



I don't know Kelly Press, how much reading he does, but he's verv good. Ilike his style. His accuracy
often leaves sanething to be desired: on one of his Laser covers, he had the wrong hand missing from
somebody's arm, but maybe it's not his fault; maybe it got printed‘in reverse. That's an interesting
story: that's how I got into sceince fiction fandan, you know. Do you remember the old Amazin ? '


JL: It was one of the best magazines on the stands. It was my favorite, but I got sick and tired of
the covers -- supposedly illustrating a certain story, having no relationship whatever to the story.

So I wrote a nice one-page letter lambasting the very famous , Hugo-winning artist and so forth, and the
editor -— editorship and everybody. I took then right down to the bond. And the letter was published
- that's the first thing of mine that ever appeared in print. It was a great thrill! I never expected
then to publish it. In fact, I expected a hate letter in the mail! But as it happened, some of the
people frcm science fiction fandom picked up on it and wrote me and said they agreed with me. So this
is really one of my burning crusades. You know Digen Farris is a crusader and one of my crusades --
other than Star Trek -- is illustration in science fiction and I've corresponded quite extensively with
Jack Gaughan on that. Ihave this strange theory that illustrations should add to -- should say things
that can't be said in words. For example, Ihave written umoteen, billion, zillion different versions

of the description of the tentacles. One picture is worth ten billion words in a situation like that.

I don't know why it is that so many readers don't have any idea where their forearms are.

ID: Do you have anything else to add?

JL: .Jeepers, I don't know. Not that I can think of off-hand. I'm sure that I will think of xillions
of little things and start dropping you little cards in the mail: add this, add that, don't forget this
and don't forget that.

LD: Thank you very much, Jackie.

A very special thank you to Carolyn Venino and Carol Hunterton for their fine editorial job on the
interview. . .


'Ihe time has finally ccme. House of Zeor is going to be a movie! At least, that's what I'm going to
try and do, gang!

Jacqueline has given me her permission to attempt this wondrous feat and Doubleday has said that I can
try it, so long as I realize that I do not have exclusive film rights. The reason: I couldn't afford
them. '

As to why I'm telling you all this is because I'd like some advice. Not on how to write it. I know how
to write a script, believe me. I've been aiming in the direction of film/tv for over a year now. While
I haven't actually sold anything yet, my agent believes that I will have no trouble making it in the field
and the rejection letters that I've received from various producers all said that they " found mach to
admire" but that my story lines didn't quite fit their series. '

I don't say this to sound like Harlan, honest. It's just to let you know that I'm quite serious about
all this and believe that Ican do it. Now for the help part.

How do you feel that HoZ will look on film? When I first mentioned it to Jackie, she said that she
didn't think it would have the same impact as the book. I disagree. I think it will have at least the
same impact, if not more. What do you feel are the main pornts of the book, in visual terms? By that

I mean, what portions of the book do you think" should be emphasized visually and which do you think will
look best, when erphasized visually?

These are the sort of things I want to know frcm the rest of the H02 fans out there. I'd appreciate any
and all ccmnents you may have as far as this project goes. Don't worry about deadlines. I 'm currently
working on a television script, which is going to take me at least a month to do. Probably more. Then
I'll be able to start on the H02 project. But I do intend to do it and I am thinking about it all the
time. But like Isay, it'll be a bit before I'm ready to start. This teleolay must come first, because
I think it's really a dynamite piece. (How does everyone out there feel about euthanasia?)

So that's the idea. Let me hear your suggestions about it. I'll try and keep you up to date on the
status of the project through the zine, if our Criarming Editor is willing to let me do so. That will
also solve the problem of my getting caught answering each letter when time, unfortuately, grows short.
Work, school, etc, You all know the routine. But bear with me and you'll hear fran me. Just let me hear
from you. . 74


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